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Breakfast Recipes

Apple - Cinnamon Crepe

Contains cooked steel-cut oatmeal. 

Apple Jumble Zinger

This also makes a great lunch. Just switch out the eggs for 3 oz turkey. 

Apple N'Cheddar Casserole

Like an apple pie topped with cheese 

Apple Orange Breakfast Shake

Super-easy breakfast 

Apple Pie Spiced Oatmeal

You can cook large batches of oatmeal, refrigerate it, and warm up just the amount needed. 

Apple Pork and Eggs with Strawberries

An alternative to eggs and bacon 

Asparagus Quiche

This crustless quiche is totally in the Zone and perfect to serve for friends at brunch.  

Bacon and Broccoli Quiche with Fruit Salad

Using frozen broccoli and onions will save time, but they must be thawed. 

Baked Eggs with Vegetables

Also great for lunch or dinner 

Baked Oatmeal

Put the servings in a food storage container, then grab and go on your way to work. 

Bed and Breakfast Waffles

These waffles, made with rolled oats, are a long-time favorite for Zoners. 

Blueberry Cottage Cheese

Easy to prepare and makes a colorful bowl of nutrition. 

Blueberry Omelet

An unusual, tasty combination 

Blueberry Ricotta Oatmeal

EASY A delicious one-bowl meal 

Blueberry Shake

EASY. Tastes like a blueberry ice cream shake. 

Blueberry Yogurt Breakfast

Super easy and a delicious way to start the day 

Blueberry Maple Nut Oatmeal

Cook oatmeal the night before to save time the next morning. 

Breakfast for Nonbelievers

This recipe was created by a Zoner who wanted to prove to his friends how substantial a Zone breakfast can be. 

Breakfast from Italy

Prosciutto gives this breakfast an Italian twist.  

Breakfast Hash with Tomatoes

This hash variation treats Zoners to different ingredients. 

Breakfast Hash

This breakfast in a bowl also tastes great for lunch or dinner. 

Breakfast in a Bowl

You can assemble everything but the fruit the night before so that it is a snap to prepare in the morning. 

Breakfast Mousse

EASY. Wait two minutes, and the texture will become more like a mousse than a smoothie. 

Breakfast on the Fly

EASY. A pretty bowl of red, white and blue.  

Breakfast Sundae

Vanilla and nutmeg additions give great flavor. 

Breakfast Tart and Fruit Salad

This breakfast takes a little more time, but when it’s done, it’s company ready. 

Breakfast to Go

This recipe keeps well. Make 3 servings and keep them in the refrigerator. 

Breakfast Turkey Patties

Great for someone who doesn't like eggs for breakfast. 

Caprese Omelet and Berries

Mozzarella and basil bring a taste of Italy. 

Carlise's Italian Omelet

This omelet is prepared in only 15 minutes. For more convenience, buy packages of frozen chopped onions and peppers. 

Cheddar Apple “Galette”

A nice, hot breakfast that can be made without spending a long time preparing it. 

Cheesy Scramble

Change the cheese variety for a less-spicy meal. 


This classic Argentinian meat condiment is bright, fresh, and tart, with a touch of spicy heat; thin-bodied but loaded with chopped herbs for vibrant "green" flavor. Can be used as a sauce or marinade. 

Cocoa Berry Butter Smoothie

A nice way to get a taste of chocolate for breakfast 

Cottage Cheese Apple

EASY A great way to add some zip to cottage cheese. 

Cottage Cheese with Fruit

EASY Mandarin oranges are the key to this recipe’s success. 

Cottage Cheese with Raspberry Sauce

Pureed raspberries make this breakfast seem like a dessert. 

Crab & Cheese Omelet & Oatmeal with a Twist

The delicious twist is the addition of peanut butter. 

Creamy Apple & Cinnamon Oatmeal

For a quick breakfast, make a large batch of steel-cut oatmeal the night before and heat portions in the microwave. 

Creamy Frozen Strawberry Peach Yogurt

EASY Blending frozen fruits creates a cool breakfast on a warm day. 

Crunchy Breakfast

Celery gives it its crunch. 

Easy Breakfast

EASY A simple one-bowl breakfast. Make oatmeal the night before. 

Egg Casserole

Like a quiche without a crust 

Egg'N Fruit

Super quick for the morning 

Egg Scramble with Mandarin Orange

To speed up the process, purchase pre-sliced mushrooms and frozen onions & peppers (or buy them from the salad bar). 


Salsa gives these eggs some zip. 

Eggnog Oatmeal

Nutmeg enhances this tasty breakfast. 

Eggnog Yogurt with Fruit

Drizzle fruit with lemon juice. 

Eggplanty Breakfast

Here’s a great way to incorporate vegetables into your breakfast. 

Egg-Vegetable & Cheese Bake

This is great to make on the weekend and enjoy during the week. 

Egg Vegetable Pie Italiano with Fruit Salad

This crustless pie is accompanied by a fruit salad, the perfect breakfast for four. 

Ejjah (Tunisian Egg Dish)

This egg dish brings the taste of Tunisia. 

Faux Frittata with Fruit Salad

Unlike traditional frittatas, this one is lower in fat and calories, and you can cook it completely on top of the stove. 

Frozen Blueberry Yogurt

So much healthier than the store-bought variety. 

Fruit Compote

Warmed Fruit mixture over cottage cheese tastes great. 

Fruit N' Nuts

Recipe includes three fruits. 

Fruit Salad with Maple Yogurt Sauce

The sweetness of this recipe can be adjusted. 

Fruit Salad

Cilantro is this recipe’s special ingredient. 

Gingered Lime Fruit Salad with Cottage Cheese

The crushed macadamia nuts make this breakfast delicious. 

Grapefruit Breakfast

Quick Breakfast 

Guacky Eggs and Fruit

This could be a 5-minute meal. Just make the fruit salad and cook the eggs the night before.  

Ham and Onion Frittata with Fruit Salad

Canadian bacon replaces the ham in this traditional breakfast. 

Healthy Kale Smoothie

For those who like vegetable smoothies 

Hearty Sausage Egg Breakfast

"This breakfast is eaten Monday-Friday. My husband loves it after his workout at the YMCA." -- Carol 

Low-Cal Blue Cheese Dressing

May be made thinner 

Mexican Omelet

This omelet rivals what you’ll find on a Mexican restaurant menu. 

Mixed Berry Smoothie

EASY Tahini is the fat source chosen for this tasty breakfast. 

Oat Bran Soufflé

Ground steel-cut oatmeal is the base of this soufflé. 

Oats and Cottage Cheese

Make oats ahead of time, and this breakfast is a snap to make. 

Oat Bran Soufflé

Ground steel-cut oatmeal is the base of this soufflé. 

Pear Vinaigrette

Perfect for company 

Okra Breakfast Delight

"This is my substitute nopalito recipe, and I really do like it." -- Mary L. 

Omelet Roll

Omelet Roll without the roll 

Omelet with Sprouts and Herbs

A more elaborate omelet that is filled with Zoned macronutrients. 


Jalapenos give a kick to this basic omelet. 

Orange Julius

"I used to really like Orange Juliuses, so I tried this on a whim, and it was pretty tasty." 

Pat's Pancakes

"When I began following the Zone nearly 11 years ago, I created this recipe, and it is still my favorite breakfast." -- Pat H. 

Peaches and 'Cream' Sundae

Variation: Replace cherries with 3 more peaches. 

Peaches and Cream Yogurt

Adjust number of ice cubes to achieve desired consistency. 

Poached Fruit with Cheese

Another great way to add assorted fruits to cottage cheese. 

Polka-Dotted Omelet

Lentils are an easy way to meet carb requirements. 

Prosciutto and Egg

Prosciutto replaces traditional breakfast bacon. 

Quick Apple Cobbler Breakfast

EASY The addition of apples and cinnamon gives a new taste to oatmeal. 

Quick Applesauce Breakfast

Super easy way to start the day. 

Quick Breakfast of Hummus Filled Eggs

This also makes a great snack. Use two hard-boiled egg whites and 1/4 cup hummus. 

Quick Breakfast

Apple and peanut butter are a good team. 

Quick Oatmeal Breakfast

EASY Precook oatmeal. Peanut butter brings unexpected flavors. 

Raspberry Cream

EASY You could also use it as a dessert if separated into 3 portions. 

Raspberry Lime Smoothie

Better than a lime rickey. 

Salsa Scramble

A Mexican Delight, which includes guacamole. 

Sausage Frittata

The use of chicken sausage makes this recipe Zone favorable. 

Sicilian Cauliflower and Egg Frittata with Sausage

Now that’s a substantial breakfast. 

Slow Poached Pears with Vanilla Yogurt Sauce

To simplify breakfast, cook the pears the day or evening before you need them. 

Smokey Salmon Egg Scramble

Natural liquid hickory smoke seasoning makes salmon taste smoky without sodium nitrate, sugar, or excess sodium. 

South of the Border Eggs

All the tastes of Mexico. 

South of the Border Omelet

Black beans and salsa enhance this recipe. 

Spa Smoothie

Quite filling 

Spanish Omelet

Make sure not to overcook. 

Spicy Shrimp and Mushroom Omelet

A great way to have shrimp for breakfast. 

Spinach and Mushroom ‘Quiche’

Have an apple on the side. 

Spinach and Tofu Quicherole

Serve hot or cold with salsa on the side. 

Spinach-Egg Pie with Fruit Salad

Here’s a great zone-friendly alternative to quiche.  

Strawberry/Blueberry/Banana Pancakes

Freeze any extras. Reheat in the toaster for a quick breakfast or snack. 

Strawberry Feta Salad

Here’s something different for breakfast. 

Strawberry Orange Smoothie

EASY A great way to start the day for people tired of eggs for breakfast. 

Sunshine Breakfast

A unique combination of ingredients 

Sweet Ending Scrambled Eggs

Fruit sundae is the happy ending. 

Tahini Zone Cakes

Better than pancakes 

Thick Blueberry Pancakes

Mash the blueberries for “syrup.” 

Tomato Topped Eggs and Berry Peach Smoothie

Add variety to your breakfast. 

Vegetable Omelete and Strawberries

Contains black beans 

Vegetable Tofu Scramble

This is a great breakfast for vegans. 

Veggie Omelet

Carbs add up quickly here. 

Yogurt & Oats

Quick breakfast in a bowl. Make oatmeal the night before. 

Zone Muesli

This recipe can be partially prepared the night before.