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Dr. Barry Sears,

Leading Research Scientist & author of the #1 New York Times best seller, The Zone, which started anti-inflammatory nutrition.

Diet-induced Inflammation:The silent driver behind weight gain, accelerated aging and illness linked to inflammatory genes

The Zone Diet, including our high-quality OmegaRx fish oil supplement, is the fastest way to reduce the inflammation in your body that comes from what you eat.

The Zone Advantage:

Reducing diet-induced inflammation is the key to better health, but requires following an anti-inflammatory diet for a lifetime.

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    Weight loss

    To lose excess body fat, you have to reduce insulin resistance caused by diet-induced inflammation.

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    The secret to maintaining wellness is to reduce chronic diet-induced inflammation in every organ in your body.

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    Athletic Performance

    Reducing inflammation is the key to recovery and better performance.

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    Your rate of aging is determined by the levels of chronic inflammation in your body. An anti-inflammatory diet can help.

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