STOP! What You DON’T Know About Fish Oil Can be Harmful!

As the scientist who started the fish oil revolution more than a decade ago with his landmark book, The OmegaRx Zone, Dr. Sears is committed to pharmaceutical-grade fish-oil purity. Nothing disturbs Dr. Sears more than seeing individuals using inferior fish oils under the mistaken opinion that all fish oils are the same. This is especially true because of the toxins, like PCBs, they all contain. Your future health is dependent upon being knowledgeable. Most companies assume you are not.

1) PCBs

PCBs are long-lasting pollutants developed in the 1930s as insulating fluids for electric transformers. They were thought to be safe and were disposed by dumping them into lakes, rivers, and the ocean. Unfortunately, we now know they are very dangerous. They are known neurotoxins, carcinogens, and endrocrine disruptors. Since fish are at the top of the marine food chain, all of them are contaminated by PCBs. When you extract crude fish oil from fish, you are also extracting large amounts of accumulated PCBs. The success in removing the vast bulk of PCBs from crude fish is the true mark of fish-oil purity. Only an omega-3 fatty-acid product that has total PCB levels of lower than 5 parts per billion (ppb) should be considered pure.

Any company that states its fish-oil products are free of PCBs (and this includes pharmaceutical-grade fish-oil products) is telling you a lie. Ask the company what the total levels of PCBs are (we test for all 209, not the limited few that are usually tested) for the actual bottle of fish oil you are thinking of buying. If they can’t tell you, don’t buy it. We can and do at our website. Why destroy the benefits of omega-3 fatty acids by bringing large levels of PCBs into your body? Once those PCBs enter your body, they aren’t leaving any time soon.

2) Gasoline & Acetone

Many manufacturers of omega-3 fatty acid products use either hexane (gasoline) or acetone (nail-polisher remover) to isolate their products. These solvents are very difficult to remove. The levels of these residual solvents are usually in the range of 50 parts per million (ppm).

That’s nearly 10,000 times higher levels of organic solvents in your fish oil than the maximum levels of PCBs found in OmegaRx. That might be OK for running your lawnmower or removing nail polish, but not for ingesting something that is “healthy”.

3) Rancid?

Omega-3 fatty acid products are very prone to spoilage because of their polyunsaturation. This level of spoilage is quantified by the Total Oxidation (Totox) index that measures the levels of peroxides, aldehydes, and ketones in a finished oil product. All of these degradation products can cause DNA damage. Any fish-oil product that exceeds the accepted world standard of 26 meq/kg is considered spoiled. The standards for freshness of OmegaRx are far stricter because Dr. Sears’ name is on the bottle. That’s why we post them for every finished lot.

One common way to cover up a spoiled product is by using high levels of flavors to overcome spoilage. Ask any marketer of a flavored omega-3 product what the Totox levels are in their finished product that you are actually buying. We know since we constantly test our competitors’ products. More importantly, we can tell you exactly what they are in every lot of OmegaRx because we know how to handle these delicate products from spoilage.

4) What… It’s Not Tested?

It costs money to do testing for every lot of fish oil that a company sells, so they don’t. We do such expensive testing because Dr. Sears’ name is on every bottle. Furthermore, we post the results of every lot on our website. No one else does (including drug companies that sell pharmaceutical-grade fish-oil products). That means they are usually hiding something.

There are some rating services that advertise 5-star oils. Unfortunately, their standards are considerably lower than those of Dr. Sears. This is why OmegaRx should be considered a 6-star oil and is the only fish oil product that does not require a prescription that can make that statement.

5) Poor Quality and High Price

Your health is too important to consume omega-3 fatty acid products rich in PCBs, contaminated by solvents, or spoiled. Not only are they poor-quality products, but you also often pay a higher price per gram of EPA and DHA than OmegaRx.

Dr. Sears’ name on the bottle and our constant testing of every lot is your guarantee of purity, potency, and therefore the full health benefits of omega-3 fatty acids. That’s a true bargain.

No secrets here, OmegaRx is the purest fish oil available with or without a prescription