• Chinese Egg Foo Yong

    Chinese Egg Foo Yong

    Frozen vegetables are a time saver to make it even easier to make the Egg Foo Yong.

  • Chinese Orzo

    Chinese Style Orzo

    No need to call for take-out with this Chinese inspired dish. Want a little more heat? Add some Tabasco.

  • Coconut Rice

    Coconut Rice

    The Orzo is remarkably versatile and is a staff favorite, always popular at lunch time.

  • Cold Sesame Slaw

    Cold Sesame Slaw

    This colorful dish is sure to engage the senses with the infusion of tangerine.

  • Southwest Fusilli Salad

    Cold Southwest Fusilli Salad

    This south of the border recipe makes a great addition to your summertime meals.

  • Cottage Cheese and Fruit

    Cottage Cheese and Fruit

    Other fruits may be substituted for Mandarin oranges if desired.

  • Cottage Cheese Snack

    Cottage Cheese Snack

    Tomatoes and basil are a winning combination with the cottage cheese.

  • Zone PastaRx Creamy Fusilli and Cheese

    Creamy Fusilli with Cheese

    A trio of cheeses and chopped apple to compliment our Fusilli PastaRx. Warning: You may have to stop yourself from licking the dish clean.

  • Creamy Garden Omelet

    Cilantro and ricotta are tasty additions in this veggie filled omelet.

  • Zone Cucumber Cups

    Cucumber Cups

    For a different taste, switch the dill for a basil leaf.

  • Curried Spinach with Tofu

    Curried Spinach with Tofu

    The spinach and tofu are quite appetizing with the spice and flavor from the curry. Recipe includes strawberry parfait for dessert.

  • Deviled Eggs with Hummus

    Deviled Eggs with Hummus

    This satisfying and easy to make snack is simply egg whites filled with hummus and topped with Paprika. Yum.

  • Zone Dreamsicle Breakfast

    Dreamsicle Breakfast

    Citrus, almond and vanilla remind you of your childhood days of running after the ice cream truck. Start your day with this creamy and light breakfast. If you cook the Zone PastaRx the night before it only takes 5 minutes to prepare in the morning.

  • Zone Easy Breakfast

    Easy Breakfast

    A simple one-bowl breakfast. Make oatmeal the night before.

  • Easy Creamy Spinach Dip

    Easy Creamy Spinach Dip

    Great for dipping veggies in for a party or a snack.

  • Eggplant Parmasian

    Eggplant Parm

    A quick, satisfying vegetarian dinner that utilizes eggplant and number of cheeses and spices.

  • Zone Family Style Apple Pie Spiced Orzo

    Family Style Spiced Apple Pie Orzo

    Apple sauce and pumpkin pie spice turn this Zone Pasta Orzo recipe into a fragrant warm breakfast, perfect for any morning. Only 5 minutes when you cook the pasta and oats the night before.

  • Fennel Apple, and Celery Salad

    Fennel, Apple, and Celery Salad

    Transition into fall with this crisp, zesty salad that combines a sweet crunch of apple with lemon flavored veggies.