Dr. Sears’ Zone Breakfast Cereal – 1 Box

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Dr. Sears’ Zone Breakfast Cereal – 1 Box

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(70 customer reviews)

Zone Honey Almond Cereal contains naturally sweetened toasted flakes with clusters of granola and sliced almonds. Zone cereal is nutritious and delicious and balanced with protein, complex carbs, and essential fats to support healthy blood sugar and appetite suppression.

Each serving of Zone Cereal contains:


The Glycemic Index measures how fast a food raises blood-sugar levels on a scale from 1 to 100. Zone Cereal has been clinically tested and determined to have an average Glycemic Index of only 22! This is 3 to 4 times lower than typical breakfast cereals.

Just because it’s cereal doesn’t mean you need to reach for the milk. Here are some ways you can mix things up while staying in the Zone:

Zone Cereal

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Breakfast is important because…

Eating breakfast is important. It improves concentration, problem-solving ability, mental performance, memory, and mood.  After fasting for hours during sleep your ability to control blood sugar levels is at its lowest point.

To Balance Blood Sugar You Must…

The ideal breakfast should contain at least 25 grams of protein balanced with low glycemic load carbohydrates to promote appetite suppression for the next five hours.

70 reviews for Dr. Sears’ Zone Breakfast Cereal – 1 Box

  1. Joan (verified owner)

    I love this cereal. Since I’ve started the Zone diet and using the cereal for breakfast, I’ve lost 35 pounds and still dropping. I wouldn’t have anything else. It’s good, it’s fills me up (though portions are small) and keeps me feeling wonderful till lunch. Love it!!

    • Dr. Sears’ Zone

      Joan, Congratulations on the 35 pounds you have lost and good to hear you are loving the Zone!! Dr. Sears’ Zone

  2. Dixie A. (verified owner)

    I love the cereal too. It’s the only cereal I eat besides oatmeal. It is amazingly satisfying. Great with some berries.

  3. Kristen Freed

    I absolutely LOVE waking up each morning to a Zone-favorable breakfast of mixed berries (straw, rasp, black, and blue), and greek yogurt topped with Dr. Sears’ Zone Breakfast Cereal – giving it just the right amount of taste and crunch!

  4. Lori Preshaw

    Hmmm…would love to order some of these food products. There is no info on what type of “flakes” in the cereal; sugars, proteins, etc. Please include these so we customers know what we are gettting. Thank you.

    • Zone Labs Customer Support

      Lori, Thank you for your questions. For reference, the ingredients and nutritional facts can be found in the “Ingredients” tab or by clicking on the thumbnail image directly below the main product image. In regards to the Zone Cereal, the flakes are made up of Soy Grits, Wheat Gluten, and Soy Protein Concentrate. For a sugar source, we utilize honey and evaporated cane juice crystals. Hope this helps you out in your purchase decision. Thank You, Zone Customer Support

  5. Carol W.

    I have not tried this as I am wheat intolerant and am hesitant to do so. There are other cereals on the market that use other grains in it’s place and I would imagine that could also be done to balance everything out as you responded to other issues.

  6. Heidi Hanssen

    why in the world does this cereal contain wheat gluten, rice flour, and canola oil??? it seems the books suggest avoiding these items???

    • Zone Customer Support

      Heidi, Thank you for your comment. If someone is following a strict Zone eating plan their diet will naturally be lower in omega-6s, giving them some latitude to include small amounts in their diets from other sources. When creating food products we focus on the functional response of the food to help stabilize blood sugar and improve hunger control. With most cereals on the market being rich in carbohydrates we were thrilled to create one with a low glycemic response. We realize sometimes the ingredient profile despite being high quality may be appear to contain ingredients not as favorable in the Zone, but it how those ingredients work together to create the desired hormonal responses that is of even greater importance. Our products were designed to make it easier for people to comply with the eating plan when they don’t have the time for preparation at home, but we realize they may not be right for everyone. Thank You, Zone Labs Customer Support

  7. Kelly (verified owner)

    Love love love how im not hungry or even having t resist snacks. I have these sent to australia so i to am a little dissapointed at half full box also.

  8. John L. (verified owner)

    I ordered three boxes but I have not tried. Puzzled at how a food product’s main ingredient being wheat gluten can be healthy. I did not want to rate the product since I have not tried it but I could not submit without making a rating.

    • Zone Labs Customer Support

      John, Thanks for your comment regarding the use of wheat gluten. When creating our food products our primary focus is on the functional response of the foods or their ability to stabilize blood sugar and lack of hunger. Zone Cereal was specially formulated to maintain a balance of protein to carbohydrate to help with hunger suppression and support of healthy blood sugar. This is why the leading ingredients are a blend of both protein (soy grits and soy protein concentrate) and carbohydrate (wheat gluten). Thank you, Zone Labs Customer Support

  9. Debbie Herrmann (verified owner)

    Loved it just was s little upset as the box was only half full.

  10. Lori (verified owner)

    Love, love the cereal!!

  11. Marty

    Love it. Crunchy and balanced!

  12. beverly pinkerton (verified owner)

    I look forward to this cereal in the morning sometimes with half a zone bar and sometimes at night as a treat with strawberries.

  13. Jim (verified owner)

    “Healthy” food seldom taste this good! I’d eat it even if it didn’t help keep me in the Zone.

  14. Lora Gardner (verified owner)

    This cereal is fabulous! It fills u up and holds u for a long time. I love it so much, I ordered three more boxes so I don’t run out!

  15. Bret Gove (verified owner)

    Convenient and tastes good. My “Go To” breakfast when I’m in a hurry.

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