Dr. Sears’ Zone Breakfast Cereal – 1 Box

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Dr. Sears’ Zone Breakfast Cereal – 1 Box

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(70 customer reviews)

Zone Honey Almond Cereal contains naturally sweetened toasted flakes with clusters of granola and sliced almonds. Zone cereal is nutritious and delicious and balanced with protein, complex carbs, and essential fats to support healthy blood sugar and appetite suppression.

Each serving of Zone Cereal contains:


The Glycemic Index measures how fast a food raises blood-sugar levels on a scale from 1 to 100. Zone Cereal has been clinically tested and determined to have an average Glycemic Index of only 22! This is 3 to 4 times lower than typical breakfast cereals.

Just because it’s cereal doesn’t mean you need to reach for the milk. Here are some ways you can mix things up while staying in the Zone:

Zone Cereal

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Breakfast is important because…

Eating breakfast is important. It improves concentration, problem-solving ability, mental performance, memory, and mood.  After fasting for hours during sleep your ability to control blood sugar levels is at its lowest point.

To Balance Blood Sugar You Must…

The ideal breakfast should contain at least 25 grams of protein balanced with low glycemic load carbohydrates to promote appetite suppression for the next five hours.

70 reviews for Dr. Sears’ Zone Breakfast Cereal – 1 Box

  1. Denis

    A balanced meal that is quick and convenient. I wouldn’t be without it as an alternative to other zone breakfasts like those offered in The Mediterranean Zone.

  2. David

    My wife and I both enjoyed this cereal. She usually “runs out of gas” about mid morning, but I think that her breakfast stayed with her longer with this cereal.

  3. Amelia

    I’d like to see the directions of what is the net carbs total showing what i need to add to make it a perfect 3 block meal printed on the cereal box, please.
    I love the Zone and their products! This would make it so much easier. I had to call the company for the answer. (Very nice customer service!)
    Also, the rule of thumb is the # of grams of fiber blocks that amount of carb, and this also works with protein, but only if the fiber is in the protein item, like beans, otherwise, it only blocks the carb from being absorbed. Thanks!

  4. owen (verified owner)

    It is the defense against hunger. I use it anytime I am in a hurry at work.. just to knock the edge off any hunger.. and at night.. I watch tv and eat a half a cup dry just like I used to eat popcorn. In the morning a trusted friend as a breakfast cereal with protein.. It is a terrific friend of satiety. Owen

  5. Sandi

    A quick breakfast and so very good too!!!!

  6. Sandi

    A great quick breakfast and so very good too!!!!

  7. Alison (verified owner)

    I would buy this cereal even if I were not following the zone. I love that it’s a quick and simple meal when I don’t have time to prepare anything.

  8. John the former

    this is by default breakfast. Sometimes I will eat other things for breakfast but I always have this in my back pocket (metaphorically speaking).sometimes I will eat 4 ounces for a midmorning snack sometimes I will have 4 ounces for lunch and eat it dry. It fills me up and lasts a long time.

  9. Arizoners

    Best cereal I can find makes yogurt and fruit a terrific parfait!

  10. Barb (verified owner)

    I enjoy this cereal very much. I do add a few berry and low fat milk for a very satisfying breakfast or snack. I used to love breakfast cereal in the morning but after adopting the 40-30-30 zone eating plan I had to give it up. This product makes it so easy and satisfying to stay in the Zone. Thank you!

  11. Grandma J

    I love this cereal. Just 1/2 cup serving with almond milk keeps me full all morning.

  12. Pat

    Tastes great Even better if you add a few berries.

  13. LAGirl

    I wasn’t a big fan of cereal for breakfast. I was usually hungry within two hours and left unsatisfied with the lack of flavor. I wanted something quick tasty filling and nutritious so I decided to give this cereal a try. I loved it. It was crunchy filling and the taste amazing. A whisper of sweetness not enough to increase the cravings and I noticd that it kept me full until lunch time.

  14. Douglas

    Use Zone Cereal for breakfast a few times per week and as a quick meal in other day parts when I’m in a hurry. Keeps me from grabbing non-Zone choices.

  15. Gus from Guam

    The cereal makes it easy to start the day with a Zone breakfast even when I am in a hurry. I don’t get tired of the taste and my very picky son will eat it.

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