Dr. Sears’ Zone PastaRx® Orzo – 10-Pack Single-Serve Box

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Great tasting Zone PastaRx Orzo is perfectly Zone balanced and designed to curb hunger by stabilizing blood-sugar levels. Unlike traditional pasta that is often high in carbohydrates and low in protein, Zone PastaRx Orzo contains only 21 grams of carbohydrates while providing 15 grams of protein per serving. Whether you are interested in wellness, weight loss or athletic performance, Zone PastaRx Orzo provides the nutritional balance to help you reach your goals and keep you in the Zone.

Zone PastaRx Orzo is also the perfect substitute for traditional pasta or rice in any recipe and can be added to your favorite soups, salads, or broths to increase the protein levels.

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Benefits of Zone PastaRx Orzo:

  • Controls hunger by stabilizing blood sugar levels
  • Provides 15 grams of protein per serving
  • Ideal for wellness, weight loss or athletic performance
  • Only 180 calories per serving

Includes ten 1.6-oz single-serving bags, and cooks in about 16 minutes.

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Zone PastaRx is…

Zone Pasta is part of a newly patented food technology that changes the dynamics of the body’s protein absorption. It has been shown in clinical trials to satisfy hunger for hours and help control blood sugar.

PastaRx is a Better Choice Because…

Zone Pasta is not only a totally sustainable source of protein for use in Zone meals, but it also allows better control of the hormones in the gut, brain, and the blood.  In addition, Zone Pasta has been shown clinically to reduce insulin resistance, while simultaneously increasing muscle mass formation.

Zone PastaRx Orzo - Nutritional Facts

Controlling hunger is a key factor in successful weight management. In this video, Dr. Sears explains how Zone PastaRx makes dietary compliance easier whether your goal is weight loss or long-term weight control.

4 reviews for Dr. Sears’ Zone PastaRx® Orzo – 10-Pack Single-Serve Box

  1. Sheila M. (verified owner)

    This orzo with added protein tastes great and very adaptable for sweet or savory. My daughter is a T1 diabetic and this has helped immensely with keeping her sugar stabilized, her appetite satisfied and enjoying a little pasta again. It gives her a little variety while sticking to her eating plan.

    • Zone Labs Customer Support

      Sheila, Thank you for your comment and great to hear the Orzo is helping your daughter out. Thank You, Zone Labs Customer Support

  2. Charles LaRocco

    Me being a lazy cook!! tried it once so far and liked the hunger control .

  3. Sandra Denton (verified owner)

    Very helpful to add to a meal of steamed veggies with little protein. Good with stir-fry, and in vegetable soup.

  4. Scott Morris (verified owner)

    I’m really enjoying the PastaRx Orzo! It’s nice to be able to have pasta without feeling guilty about overindulging in carbs. Plus, the fact that each serving provides me with a decent amount of protein makes this a win / win for me.

    The Zone website has all sorts of great recipes to try, but as the world’s laziest cook, I’m really enjoying the orzo most with just a little olive oil, a bit of feta and parmesan cheese, and a dash of pepper. Along with a couple of side vegetables, it really does leave me feeling full for hours. And most important of all, it tastes good!

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Why Zone PastaRx?

Zone PastaRx provides the key to not only weight loss, but also for long-term weight control. Consider our patented Zone PastaRx to be the foundation of a Zone meal that shuts down hunger and fatigue for 5 hours. If you are never hungry and never tired, then losing excess body fat and keeping it off is simple. In fact, the more meals you eat using Zone PastaRx (see www.zonediet.com/zonepastarecipes ), the more excess body fat you lose. And the more excess body fat you lose, the healthier you become. It’s as simple as that.

Unlike traditional pasta that is often high in carbohydrates and low in protein, Zone PastaRx contains only 28grams of carbohydrates while providing 20grams of protein per serving.

Why is it worth the value to spend more on PastaRx than traditional pasta?

When you purchase PastaRx, you are paying for protein and greatly improved appetite suppression, not carbohydrates.  If you compare the price of PastaRx to any food product with an equivalent amount of protein, you will find PastaRx to be your least expensive choice.  Relative to its impact on appetite suppression, there is nothing comparable.  That’s why it is patented.

How does the taste of PastaRx differ from traditional pasta?

PastaRx was developed with aid of top chefs in Italy.  In their opinion, they cannot tell the difference between PastaRx and traditional Italian pasta other than the far greater appetite suppression found with PastaRx.

How do the ingredients of PastaRx differ from traditional pasta?

Zone Pasta is rich in sustainable protein sources that permit greater crosslinking upon cooking to change the absorption rate of the protein thus providing greater appetite suppression.

Why does Zone PastaRx take longer to cook than traditional pasta?

Zone Pasta simply looks and tastes like regular pasta, yet provides a completely different hormonal response including greater appetite suppression.  The longer the Zone Pasta is cooked, the greater the crosslinking within the pasta that increases appetite suppression.

Why has PastaRx cooking time increased?

The increased cooking time for PastaRx from 8 minutes to 16 minutes for Orzo increases the crosslinking within the PastaRx that provides for greater appetite suppression and improved hormonal responses.

Why has PastaRx serving size decreased?

You don’t need very much PastaRx to reduce appetite.  That’s why our recommended serving size has shifted from ½ cup to ¼ cup for Orzo. The new serving size supplies your maximum appetite suppression with the least amount of PastaRx.

What does crosslinking mean?

Certain amino acids contain sulfhydryl groups that can crosslink to each other to giving proteins their three-dimensional structure.  The higher content of these sulfhydryl-rich proteins in PastaRx makes their crosslinking much more effective and greatly improves the formation of molecular cages around the carbohydrate.  You experience the result by not being hungry after consuming a meal containing PastaRx.

Why is PastaRx is patented?

PastaRx uses a novel technology to crosslink the proteins to form molecular cages that can encapsulate the carbohydrates.   This encapsulation not only reduces the rate of secretion of insulin upon eating PastaRx, but also increases the release of other hormones in the gut that go directly to the brain to tell you to stop eating. This is technology is so novel that it has been patented.