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(6 customer reviews)

CacaoRx Plus is high purity, high-potency cocoa polyphenol extract with purified maqui extract. It brings together two of the more widely studied polyphenols into one supplement using our proprietary polyphenol extracts CacaoRx and MaquiRx. Cocoa extracts have been clinically shown to help reduce insulin resistance, improve blood flow, cognition and reduce inflammation through their antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties*. With the addition of MaquiRx ​to CacaoRx, the benefits ​of CacaoRx Plus are further extended to help​ support ​increased energy ​production and ​enhanced metabolism.

Benefits of CacaoRx Plus:
    • CacaoRx was developed by Dr. Sears using a process to reduce heavy metals such as cadmium that are commonly found in cocoa products. This allows individuals to reap the benefits of cocoa with the purity and potency you’ve come to expect from Dr. Sears’ products.
    • Supplies 150 milligrams of total polyphenols per capsule.
    • Supports healthy blood sugar by reducing insulin resistance*.
    • Supports healthy blood flow by enhancing the opening of blood vessels throughout your body. This can help improve both mental and physical performance*.
    • Supports a healthy gut by promoting the levels of beneficial bacteria*.
    • Supports activation of AMPK, an enzyme that plays a role in energy balance and metabolism*.
    • Compared to CacaoRx, CacaoRx Plus has 3x the amount of absorbable polyphenols due to the addition of MaquiRx.
    • Vegetarian capsule.
    • Non-GMO

Suggested Use: Take one (1) capsule daily with a meal for optimal absorption. 30 servings per bottle.

What are Polyphenols?

Polyphenols are nutrients found in plants that are responsible for their health-promoting properties. The more colorful the plant, generally the higher the polyphenol content. This is why fruits, especially berries, and vegetables are good sources of polyphenols.

Polyphenols offer plants protection against the sun’s radiation and help defend against disease. They protect us in a similar way by acting as antioxidants to help combat inflammation and aid in improving immunity through their activation of key genes. The antioxidant capacity of polyphenols is 3x greater than those found in traditional antioxidants like vitamins A, C, and E.

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Polyphenols Are…

Polyphenols give fruits and vegetables their bright colors. Until recently, little was known about polyphenols. We now know they are powerful activators of genes. In particular, polyphenols can activate the genes necessary for production of anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, and anti-aging enzymes.

You Need Polyphenols Because…

Polyphenols maintain a healthy gut by promoting an optimal microbial composition. Although polyphenols are not yet considered essential nutrients, you have to have adequate levels in the diet on a daily basis to continually activate the genes required for optimal health, especially for gut health.

Polyphenols Help You Eat Less by…

Polyphenols help support the enzyme that optimizes metabolism so you can maintain high energy levels while taking in fewer calories. *

Supplementing with Polyphenols is Important Because…

Polyphenol supplements can be concentrated to higher levels making it more likely for the body to get adequate levels on a daily basis to maintain optimal wellness.


6 reviews for CacaoRx Plus – 30 Capsules

  1. Amirah Dahdul (verified owner)

    Super excited to have these as a supplement since I’ve read a lot about polyphenols lately. I do intermittent fasting and take these pills on an empty stomach with no issues.


    It was too strong for my stomach I only took 1 per day and I had to stop. All other supplements I take are fine. I have not seen results from the joint tablet yet. So not sure I will continue with them.

  3. Cathy ROTHFELD

    i cannot any benefits so far (i take macao rx and a lot of fish oil among other things but I trust in Barry Sears and know his research and quality are unsurpasssed!

  4. Merrill B.

    I’ve been consuming 5-6 capsules per day and gut health is improving and athletic performance has been enhanced and at 67 I will take any health improvement as a PLUS!!!!!

  5. Rosy Villarreal (verified owner)

    Excellent product!!! Thank you Dr. Barry Sears.I researched and was very surprised to discover that the cacao I used to buy had cadmium (9.7 mcg per serving). I tried this product and the CacaoRx and I loved both!!!

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What are Polyphenols?

Polyphenols are the chemicals that give vegetables and fruits their colors. They also represent the plant’s primary defense mechanism against invading bacteria and other parasites. Their intake is important in controlling the bacteria composition of our digestive system.

What do Polyphenols do for you?

It is becoming recognized that polyphenols are essential nutrients for humans. They are powerful anti-oxidants, have anti-inflammatory effects, and activate the key enzyme (AMP kinase) that controls our metabolism, increases chemical energy production, and slows down the aging process. Equally important, you need adequate levels of polyphenols to maintain the appropriate balance of bacteria in your gut that is key to maintaining long-term health. If that balance is disturbed by a lack of polyphenols in your diet, the result will be increased cellular inflammation throughout your body.

How many Polyphenols do you need?

From an anti-oxidant potential you need to ingest enough fruits and vegetables to provide a minimum of 3,000-5,000 Oxygen Radical Absorption Capacity (ORAC) units per day. Unfortunately, to reach the minimum 3,000-5,000 ORAC units requires approximately 10 servings of normally consumed fruits and vegetables per day. Dr. Sears recommends at least 10,000 ORAC units per day for optimal anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits. To reach the recommended levels of 10,000 ORAC units per day, it does require additional polyphenol supplementation for most people. The good news it that one capsule of any of our polyphenol products will provide an additional 8,000 ORAC units.

Are all Polyphenols the same?

No. There are about 4,000 known polyphenols. All have some anti-oxidative properties, but relatively few are anti-inflammatory, and even fewer have anti-aging benefits. Furthermore, you need highly purified polyphenol extracts like those used in Zone Polyphenols to get the full potential of their anti-inflammatory and anti-aging properties.

Why are Zone Polyphenols different than others on the market?

To get the full potential of the anti-inflammatory and anti-aging properties of polyphenols, you have to use highly purified extracts. They are more expensive than typical concentrates because of the extra processing, but without such purification you are unlikely see any of their potential benefits.

Why are Delphinidins "the Best of the Best"?

Delphinidins are the only polyphenols that are common to red wine, dark chocolate, and blueberries. Delphinidins have a unique structure compared to all other polyphenols that allows them to provide unique anti-inflammatory and anti-aging benefits. The richest source of delphinidins is the maqui berry found only in the Patagonian region of Chile. One capsule of Maqui Rx contains the highly purified polyphenol extract of the maqui berry and has the same amount of delphinidins as found in 100 bottles of red wine, 20 bars of dark chocolate, or 5 pounds of blueberries.

Purity Counts when choosing Polyphenols

We test every lot of finished product and have begun posting the report results because our consumers deserve to know what they’re taking. To have Dr. Sears’ name on every bottle, it has to meet his strict standards for concentration and purity and stability, plus be certified for sports usage. See how our CacaoRx Plus measures up.

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