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OmegaRx®2 Sets the Standard in Purity, Potency and Freshness
OmegaRx 2 consists of purified oil from wild anchovies and sardines caught off the coast of Chile. With state-of-the-art manufacturing coupled with the science of Dr. Sears, OmegaRx 2 has become the leader in purity, potency, and freshness. OmegaRx 2 is a rich source of EPA and DHA, supplying one of the highest concentrations of omega-3s (75%) available in the consumer marketplace. This ensures you reap the greatest benefits from your omega-3 fish oil.

OmegaRx 2 Supports the Following Health Benefits

  • Brain Health
  • Heart Health
  • Behavior and Mood
  • Athletic Performance
  • Vision
  • Pre/Postnatal Health

Why OmegaRx 2 Should Be Your Choice for Omega-3 Fish Oil

  • Potency: Supplies 500mg of EPA and 250mg of DHA per gram (1 capsule) of fish oil. Each serving of OmegaRx 2 (4 capsules or 1 tsp) supplies 3000mg of EPA and DHA.
  • Freshness: Our proprietary antioxidant blend provides greater stability to protect OmegaRx 2 from oxidation. The TOTOX value, one measure of “freshness”, of each batch of OmegaRx 2 shows we have some of the freshest oil on the market to date.
  • The Ideal 2:1 Ratio of EPA to DHA: Based on the research of Dr. Sears, OmegaRx 2 supplies the ideal ratio of EPA and DHA which has been clinically shown to cover the widest range of health benefits.
  • Transparency: We think it’s important that you know the purity, potency, and freshness of OmegaRx 2 which is why we post the values of every lot of OmegaRx 2 post-production on our website.
  • Sustainability: Our suppliers have a long-term commitment to protecting the seas and currently hold a Friend of the Seas Certification (a non-profit dedicated to the conservation of the marine habitat)
  • Leadership: Dr. Sears has dedicated more than 40 years of research on the impact of diet and omega-3s on inflammation and hormonal response. His scientific contributions have helped lead the omega-3 industry in the manufacturing, purification, and stabilization of high potency and purity omega-3 products.
  • Value: OmegaRx 2 has one of the lowest cost per gram of EPA and DHA of any fish oil product on the market coupled with the highest purity standards for freshness.

Suggested Use: Dr. Sears recommends individuals consume a minimum of 3000 mg of EPA and DHA daily for wellness. This recommendation is based on a wide body of published research. This amounts to (4) capsules daily with a meal. 30 servings per bottle.

Are you taking enough?
Just like every individual is unique, the amount of omega-3s each individual is unique to them. To determine your optimal dose of OmegaRx 2 Fish Oil, use the Cellular Inflammation Kit to test your AA/EPA ratio and get your Cellular Inflammation Score. Your Score will tell you if you are taking enough omega-3 fish oil to maintain wellness.

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Omega-3 Fatty Acids Are…

Omega-3 fatty acids are essential nutrients for human nutrition.  Initially, it was thought that the primary need for omega-3 fatty acids was to help increase membrane fluidity, especially in the brain.  We now know their primary role is to resolve existing inflammation. *

OmegaRx 2 Fish Oil Contains…

The long-chain omega-3 fatty acids, EPA and DHA, are the building blocks for hormones called resolvins which are needed to resolve existing inflammation as well as accelerate the regeneration of new tissue.  To get these benefits, you need adequate levels of omega-3 fatty acids in the blood.

OmegaRx 2 Purity Data…

  • PCB testing posted for every lot of OmegaRx produced
  • Fatty acid analysis posted for every lot produced
  • Rancidity Score (TOTOX) posted for every lot produced
  • Heavy Metals
  • Sports Testing

The Best Way to Determine Your Dose Is…

The Cellular Inflammation Test can determine the levels of omega-3 fatty acids in the blood required for optimal resolution of inflammation.  The higher the score of this unique blood test, the more your body is impacted by diet-induced inflammation.

You Need to Reduce Inflammation Because…

Diet-induced inflammation is one of the primary reasons why we gain weight, develop chronic disease, and age at a faster rate.  The ideal Cellular Inflammation Score is between 1.5 and 3.  For comparison, the average American has a Cellular Inflammation Score of 19 indicating a deficiency of EPA and DHA among Americans. This deficiency results in higher levels of cellular inflammation and chronic disease.

Dr. Sears Zone OmegaRx2, 120 Capsules, Fish Oil Supplement Facts

139 reviews for Dr. Sears’ OmegaRx 2 – 120 Capsules

  1. Maggie Ringsred (verified owner)

    A M A Z I N G !!! is the only word for these new, SUPER-PURE, for-your-body’s health and survival, fish oil capsules.

    I have some problems with digestion due to living (gladly) with a hepaticojejunostomy due to botched gall bladder operation. So, sometimes I burp.

    The last time I tried Zone (or any) fish oil capsules, several years ago, there was a heavy fishy yuck aftertaste. These capsules?? Oh my gosh, HEAVENLY. A couple little burps is all I get, and I tell you, it’s like having eaten the freshest, best fish you could ever have had! Very light, like a really good, dry white wine.

    Hurrah for Dr. Sears and his team of experts and helpers on this one!!! I have taken them every single day and I will keep doing so, through the Advantage Program, to save money and assure I don’t run out.

  2. Ginny (verified owner)

    I only gave it 4 stars because it is so expensive. The capsules are a little smaller than the ones I have been taking. I will do the testing for celllular inflammation again in a couple of months. I am worried about the pollutants in the fish oil I have been taking. My tests have been excellent so far.

  3. Heidi Hanssen

    Have not purchases this yet, but reading all I can from the Zone books… Question, what is the best brand, type of olive oil?

  4. Chuck (verified owner)

    It is good for the eyes. This product works.

  5. Hannah F.

    They are fine but I am not very happy with the price increase.

  6. Samra

    My husband as Pulmonary Fibrosis, will Dr Sears Omegas help with this terrible lung disease? I have been taking for years and feel great.

  7. John H.

    Learned about your product through a friend at work who experienced miraculous results for her family member with traumatic brain injury. Sharing this news through the Society for Participatory Medicine http://ParticipatoryMedicine.org and the research of others, including Dr. Hibbeln from NIH on omega 3 therapy referencing your product. Hoping to hear back from Dr. Sears very soon. How can we get word out faster into the Neurology community – are you working with the AAN, ANA, ABPN, ACN/ACONP, AANS or any other professional society?

  8. Barbara Forth (verified owner)

    I take 2 a day and have very good mobility (80 next year). I’d like to think my fish oil contributes to this…I have no reason to think it doesn’t.

  9. Alan (verified owner)

    I would like this product better if the oil were sustainably harvested.

  10. Cheryl Cullen

    I know many people that depend on drug store pain relievers which are damaging to your liver. I have aches and pains that are felt any day I’ve not taken 4 Dr. Sears fish oil capsules. Soon after taking fish oil the aches disappear and I feel great. I rarely forget but when I do my body reminds me. I’m very grateful to have found out about Dr. Sears Fish Oil. I’ve taken it daily for over 6 years now.

  11. Adriana vink

    Staying young and healthy with these at 85 yrs “young”!

  12. Judy Burley (verified owner)

    My husband has increased his dose from 2 to 4 tablets a day and has noticed that the soreness in his thumb joints are so much better. He won’t miss taking these fish oils.

  13. Sghelley F.

    Best omegas Ive ever taken , have been taking them for many years now and they reduce inflammation and general discomfort , helps my cognitive thought and recommend them to everyone

  14. Roger B.

    You don’t mention sea health any more . I take that and the fish oils.should I replace the sea health with the maqui berry pill?

    • Zone Labs Customer Support

      Roger, Thank you for your question. The SeaHealth Plus is still a great choice for a Polyphenol supplement with 14 different fruits and vegetables along with 72 trace minerals from cold pressed seaweed and IASC certified Aloe Vera. The MaquiRx is slightly different because it contains just one fruit, the Maqui Berry, with a type of Polyphenol called delphinidins that Dr. Sears considers to be a “super polyphenol” due to their ability to activate the key enzyme AMP kinase that controls our metabolism, increases chemical energy production, and slows down the aging process. To learn more about the MauqiRx please visit http://www.zonediet.com/shop/polyphenols/maquirx-30-capsules/. Thank You, Zone Labs Customer Support.

  15. Jennifer

    I thought if possible should’ve used a California certified olive oil instead of sunflower oil.

    • Zone Labs Customer Support

      Jennifer, Thank you for your comment. The sunflower oil is found in trace amounts and is part of our exclusive anti-oxidant blend which provides the lowest levels of oxidation available in an Omega3 supplement. Unfortunately, California certified olive oil would not be an appropriate substitute in our antioxidant blend. Thank You, Zone Labs Customer Support

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Which Zone Omega-3 is right for you?

OmegaRx 2 Capsules Delivers Dr. Sears’ recommended amount of fish oil in one dosage of four convenient capsules with 25% stronger concentration than before, and 18x greater purity than international standards.
OmegaRx 2 Microcapsules Identical concentration and purity as OmegaRx 2 capsules, but half the size, with the same quantity of servings per bottle.
OmegaRx 2 Sport Capsules Identical purity as OmegaRx 2 capsules, but higher EPA content to help athletes with performance. Also contains GLA and toasted sesame oil to enhance the effect of EPA and DHA on muscle recovery.
OmegaRx 2 Liquid Identical concentration and purity as OmegaRx 2 capsules, but designed for people who prefer a liquid fish oil. Liquid may also be easier to swallow for children.

Why do you need Omega-3 fatty acids?

Omega-3 fatty acids are the dietary building blocks to make powerful anti-inflammatory hormones. Without adequate levels of omega-3 fatty acids in the diet, cellular inflammation increases. Furthermore, they are critical for brain function. That’s why your grandmother told you that fish was brain food. Dr. Sears recommends at least 2.5 grams of EPA and DHA on a daily basis.

Your fatty acids are now even easier to get with OmegaRx2.

Why not just eat more fish?

To get the 2.5 grams of EPA & DHA omega-3 fatty acids Dr. Sears recommends, you would have to consume either (a) 7 pounds of lobster per day, or (b) 2 pounds of tuna fish per day, or (c) one-quarter of a pound of farm-raised salmon per day. Unfortunately, these sources are either too expensive (lobster) or have high levels of toxins (tuna and farm-raised salmon). This is why ultra-refined OmegaRx 2 is your best choice to get the 2.5 grams of omega-3 fatty acids for brain health and the reduction of cellular inflammation throughout your body at the lowest possible cost. Just 1 serving daily of OmegaRx 2 provides you with more than the recommended 2.5 grams of EPA & DHA omega-3 fatty acids.

What are the primary toxins found in Omega-3 fatty acids?

The primary toxins found in crude fish oil are mercury and PCBs. The mercury is easily removed since it binds to the protein and is easily separated in the initial purification. PCBs are extremely difficult to remove. Thus, the levels of PCBs in a fish-oil product are the true test of product purity. Dr. Sears makes PCB removal the #1 priority in his products. You can see in the following graph how his standards compare to others in the fish-oil industry.


PCBs in Fish Oil

Purity counts when choosing Omega-3 fatty acids.

The OmegaRx® brand is your guarantee of purity and potency. Purity comes from maintaining the lowest levels of PCBs possible in a fish-oil product. It makes no sense to purchase any fish oil that is not extremely low in PCBs since once they enter your body, they are not coming out. Potency is based on the actual amount of EPA and DHA in the oil. Your best purchase decision is when both are optimized.

What You Need To Know About Fish Oil Purity.

Although none of the marketing companies of the three primary brands (OmegaRx, Ultimate Omega, and Lovaza) of omega-3 products actually makes its own fish oil products, companies do set standards for raw materials they use for those products they sell. The more you know about these standards, the better the product choice you can make for yourself. All omega-3 fatty-acid concentrate products come from the same source, anchovies and sardines off the coasts of Peru and Chile. What separates the quality of fish oil are the purity and potency of the final products that can be quantified by the following tests.

PCB Levels

All omega-3 fatty acid products derived from fish oil will contain PCBs. To state otherwise is simply false. The question is the levels of PCBs in the finished product. The lower the levels of PCBs in a product, the higher the purity. Unlike other brands, Zone Labs has the strictest standards in the industry for the omega-3 products it uses. The international standard for the upper limit of PCBs is 90 parts per billion (ppb). That is fine for a health- food-grade product, but not for a professional grade. At Zone Labs our upper limit for PCBs is 5 ppb, which is 18 times more rigid than commonly used international standards. However, PCB levels will vary from lot to lot. This is why Zone Labs is the only company of the three major brands that posts the levels of PCBs on each lot of its omega-3 products on its Website for all to see. Testing for PCBs is expensive, but it is your guarantee of our commitment to product excellence and purity.

Totox Levels

Omega-3 concentrates are very prone to oxidation. Even after they are bottled or put into soft gelatin capsules, oxidation of the omega-3 fatty acids will continue. The World Health Organization (WHO) has developed strict standards to determine whether or not any edible oil is rancid and, therefore, whether it is suitable for human consumption. That standard is based on Total Oxidation (Totox) levels in the product actually being used. This is a rigid standard that governs all edible oil trading in the world. Since omega-3 fatty acid are exceptionally prone to oxidation, Zone Labs is the only company that posts the Totox levels on the finished product (not the raw materials) for every lot of omega-3 fatty acid product we make.

Fatty-Acid Levels

Like PCB and Totox levels, the levels of the omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA are key to your ability to reduce diet-induced inflammation. That’s why Zone Labs is the only company to post the levels of EPA and DHA in every lot of omega-3 products we sell to ensure product consistency. More importantly, we also offer a fatty-acid testing service through Zone Diagnostics (www.zonediagnostics.com) that allows you to determine the actual amount of omega-3 fatty acids you require to help manage your levels of diet-induced inflammation.

Commitment to Ongoing Clinical Research

This means actually doing the research and publishing the results, not just supplying products. Zone Labs is the only company that sets aside a percentage of its product sales for continuing clinical research by the non-profit Inflammation Research Foundation. No other company has such a commitment to omega-3 fatty- acid clinical research. Zone Labs is also the only company headed by a leading medical researcher in the area of omega-3 fatty-acids.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids Are Only a Part of an Overall Anti-inflammatory Nutrition Program

The management of diet-induced inflammation requires the appropriate orchestration of the high-purity omega-3 fatty acids, adequate levels of polyphenols to protect the omega-3 fatty acids from oxidation in the body, and maintaining an anti-inflammatory diet to prevent the build-up of diet-induced inflammation. Zone Labs is the only company that offers a complete anti-inflammatory nutrition program for you. That’s why Zone Labs is the leader in anti-inflammation nutrition through our commitment to Evidence-Based Wellness®.

How do you know if you are taking enough OmegaRx® to make a difference?

Even taking OmegaRx® 2 will not make a significant difference unless you are taking enough. That’s why we say “test, don’t guess”. Using our Cellular Inflammation Test Kit, you can determine if you are taking the right levels OmegaRx® 2 that you need to reduce your levels of cellular inflammation.

Purity Counts when choosing Omega-3 Fatty Acids

We test every lot of finished product and post the results of every report because our consumers deserve to know what they’re taking. There might be 5-star fish oils, but there is only one 6-star: that’s OmegaRx. To have Dr. Sears’ name on every bottle, it has to meet his strict standards for concentration, purity and stability. See how our fish oils measure up.

Independent Third-Party Testing Reports