Dr. Sears’ ZoneRx Bars – Chocolate (10 bars)

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(87 customer reviews)

Out of Stock – Currently Working On New ZoneRx Bars

Our goal at Dr. Sears’ Zone is always to be at the cutting edge of nutritional science and with that mindset we are currently in the midst of an exciting new reformulation with the bars that will have less sugar and more glycemic control by utilizing a natural sweetener called allulose. You can learn more about allulose from Dr. Sears here. Check back frequently, you’ll want to try these out!

ZoneRx Bars are the ideal snack to help stabilize blood sugar for at least three hours so that you maintain peak mental alertness with a corresponding lack of hunger. With high levels of polyphenols and prebiotics (fermentable fiber) each ZoneRx Bar helps support the release of satiety hormones while promoting gut health.

Our new and improved crispy chocolate bars represent the first significant breakthrough in nutrition bars in the 21st century.  Unlike, typical bars you find in health food stores, these ZoneRx bars are true chocolate bars rich in cocoa polyphenols with low levels of heavy metals found in expensive dark chocolate bars and are Non-GMO.  That is only possible because we use CacaoRx, our proprietary reduced cocoa extract as our key ingredient in each ZoneRx bar.

What makes each ZoneRx Bar unique?
  • MaquiRx® and CacaoRx™ — Our proprietary polyphenol extracts provide 350 milligrams of polyphenols to help activate genes that help reduce oxidative stress, inflammation and the rate of aging.
  • 16 grams of protein — Balanced with low-glycemic carbohydrates, our bars help support stable blood sugar control.
  • Fortified with prebiotics — Enjoy improved appetite control and gut health support.

Our unique Controlled Release Nutrition technology allows the polyphenols and fermentable fibers to interact in the ZoneRx bar in optimal synergy for improved gut health. Your end result is three hours of appetite suppression with great taste.

If you want optimal gut wellness, you need a lifetime strategy and products that deliver results you can see, feel and test.  The ZoneRx bars are part of that dietary strategy. We call it Evidence-based Wellness®.

Includes 10 Bars
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Zone bar technology has advanced…

ZoneRx represents the next generation of nutrition bar technology.  Dr. Sears introduced the first high-protein nutrition bar in 1992 that was balanced with low glycemic carbohydrates to stabilize blood sugars levels. Today, his new generation of ZoneRx bars is the first to also deliver high-dose polyphenols optimized for gut health.

How ZoneRx Bars work…

Each ZoneRx bar contains 375 mg of a combination of refined low-cadmium chocolate polyphenols plus MaquiRx. Together, these ingredients are needed to promote gut health and anti-inflammatory actions.  In addition, these levels of polyphenols coupled with the blood sugar stabilization resulting from the protein-to-glycemic load in the bar significantly increases satiety.  No other bar in the world today can come close to these levels of polyphenols that are required for both optimal gut health and maximizing satiety.

Dr. Sears ZoneRx Chocolate Bar Nutrition Facts

87 reviews for Dr. Sears’ ZoneRx Bars – Chocolate (10 bars)

  1. LB

    Why all the sugar? 15g per bar!?

    • Zone Labs Customer Support

      LB, Thank you for your question and comment. For the sugar in our ZoneRx Bars we utilize fructose which is essentially fruit sugar and has a lower glycemic load than other sugars. These sugars are a necessary component of the ZoneRx bars since they are the low glycemic carbohydrate element to the bars that help to provide balance with the protein and stabilize blood sugar. Thank You, Zone Labs Customer Support

  2. Chuck LaRocco

    Shipping the bars in heat resistant packaging makes a significant difference. Lots of heat in California but when you switched to new packaging quality of your products was made better.
    Still love the taste and effectiveness for hunger control.. Comparatively the price increase is small and well worth the polyphenols from the MaquilRx, and
    CacaoRx. I have trusted Dr.Sears from the start ???

  3. Jeff

    Great taste in a nutritional and satisfying bar. Comforting to have the purest and highest quality chocolate on the planet.

  4. Jackson

    I am sad to say I am disappointed in the product. Calories from fat has gone up 50%, which is three grams while grams of protein and carbs have remained constant. How could the prior product and new one both be perfect zone ratio when the ratios are in fact different? This inconsistency undermines my faith in quality statements associated with the Dr. Sears brand.

    Bars per box decreased from 14 to 10. Having to ship the bar with an ice bag, which has never been done before, is a recognition of a quality/usability issue. I like to keep bars in my computer bag, as I travel every week, and heat is an issue which now diminishes my trust in the product as I don’t want chocolate smears on my tie and suit when I am stuck eating a bar on a cramped plane.

    Perhaps the nutritional performance of the bar is improved as you say but these other factors diminish the bar’s attractiveness and my belief in the product. Also, even though I was told a well over a year ago when I called to enquire that the peanut bar will return once reformulated, so far the statement is a false one. These elements combine to diminish my willingness to recommend the bars to others. I have yet to decide how these changes will effect my consumption but I know I won’t be increasing it. The question is how much I will diminish my consumption of these bars. I have begun my search for alternatives.

    • Zone Labs Customer Support

      Jackson, Thank you for your comments and sorry to hear to new ZoneRx bar does not meet your expectations. The new ZoneRx bars were created by Dr. Sears personally and are in fact perfectly Zone balanced. Please keep in mind that the fat portion of a Zone meal can vary slightly since only the protein and carbohydrate ratios are involved in the insulin balance. In addition, the bars shipping this summer with the ice packs is due to the very high end chocolate used in our new bars and the lack of any chemicals to protect the chocolate from melting. We are also upgrading many orders to 2 day FedEx at our cost to get the product to customers like yourself sooner. We do this as an added value to our Zone customers. In regards to additional flavors, the information provided to you was accurate and we do have other flavors that are being worked on. Any new bar needs to match Dr. Sears’ rigid standards and it does take time to bring to market so please be patient. This particular ZoneRx bar with the proprietary MaquiRx and CacaoRx is the end result of multiple years of work. Thank You, Zone Labs Customer Support.

  5. Cindy S.

    I too would prefer to not eat soy or chocolate. I would be more comfortable with the soy if I knew it was NGMO. I’ld love to try a fruit flavored bar. I really like the fact that the bars are “providing the perfect Zone snack while also delivering high levels of Polyphenols.” I found it to be “too sweet”!

  6. Cindy B. (verified owner)

    These are wonderful! Love the new bars! Satisfies my chocolate craving and the crunch!

  7. Patricia G.

    This bar is delicious and gives satiety. However, I’m concerned about the soy it contains. Soy is not ideal for many, especially those with thyroid issues. In general I thought soy was less desirable than whey or other protein sources, so why soy in these bars?

    • Zone Labs Customer Support

      Patricia, Thank you for your question. We utilize soy as a protein source because unlike other protein sources it has the ability to be made into nuggets which are easily dispersed and provide greater bar stability. In moderate amounts soy is safe to consume. It is the isoflavones in soy that you want to be careful of, which is why Dr. Sears suggests to keep consumption low. When using soy in our ingredient profile we aim to use sources that are low in isoflavones when possible. Thank You, Zone Labs Customer Support

  8. Michael J. C.

    I am very unhappy with the new zone bar. You had a GREAT product and now you have a bar that is no different than any other bar on a store shelf. These new bars are loaded with soy and do not have the healthy effect that the original bars have. You have lost me as a customer.

    • Zone Labs Customer Support

      Michael, Thank you for your comment and sorry to hear you are not happy with the new ZoneRx bars. The ZoneRx bars are actually quite different from anything available retail and contain our proprietary polyphenol extracts, MaquiRx and CacaoRx, which provide 375 milligrams of polyphenols to help activate genes that help reduce oxidative stress, inflammation and the rate of aging. The ZoneRx bars are also perfectly Zone balanced with the precise macronutrients providing the perfect Zone snack while also delivering high levels of Polyphenols. Thank You, Zone Labs Customer Support

  9. Jim Barrett (verified owner)

    I absolutely love these bars! They should be sold in all the supermarkets. They’re better than anything at the candy isle, better than Snickers!

  10. Frank Deverse (verified owner)

    You shipped Fedx to a PO box. And Fedx delivered to wrong street address.

  11. doug

    good taste, holds hunger for hours, melts in warm weather so be careful when you eat them.

  12. Charles LaRocco

    Like everything ! Taste,appetite control.
    Wish you could ship the orders in a way that protects the chocolate coating , it flakes in the heat.

  13. Steve Buck (verified owner)

    They’re MUCH closer to the original Zone bar (that now has nothing to do with Dr. Sears) and they seem to do the job.They don’t do well in the heat at all, so sitting in my mailbox. in Florida, all day until I get home is a problem. But as long as I don’t handle the bars and just put them in the fridge for a day, I don’t lose too much of the chocolate coating to the inside of the wrapper. However, it flakes off when you open the package and eat it. Be careful, the flakes go flying and you’ll have chocolate spots on your clothes and surroundings. Must be eaten with care. Still better than the junk at the grocery store (and three times the price.)

  14. RMachado

    I love the taste!

  15. Dorothy B. (verified owner)

    It’s so sweet…my sugar addiction loves it! Tastes like a candy bar but healthier.

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