Dr. Sears’ Zone Protein Powder – 12 oz.

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(34 customer reviews)

Why do I need additional protein in my diet?

Proteins are the main building blocks of the body and make muscles, tendons, organs and skin. Proteins are also used to make enzymes, hormones and neurotransmitters.

Zone Protein Powder is an all-natural source of  protein that’s flavor-neutral and designed to be added to soups, smoothies, yogurt, dressings, stews, and oatmeal to bring up the protein levels in your meals and snacks to match the Zone Diet guidelines. It is gluten free and sugar free.

Fortified with 22 vitamins and minerals, our specialized protein blend of whey and milk protein dissolves quickly and is slowly absorbed by the body to keep you in the Zone without hunger when combined with a favorable balance of carbohydrates and monounsaturated fat.

Suggested Use: Add one scoop of Zone Protein to your favorite drink or food as a source of dietary protein. One (1) scoop is the equivalent of 7 grams of protein. There are 38 servings in each 12 oz. container.

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Supplements can provide the micronutrients that may be missing in your diet.  Each Zone Supplement was developed to help support a specific metabolic function.  However, never mistake a supplement as being equal to a hormonally balanced Zone meal for improved hormonal control of appetite and inflammation for the next five hours.

Dr. Sears' Zone Protein Powder - Supplement Facts

34 reviews for Dr. Sears’ Zone Protein Powder – 12 oz.

  1. Denis Sullivan

    I’m an avid follower of the Zone Diet and have been ordering lots of Zone products for years from here in Sydney, Australia. Shipping costs have jumped sky high lately with COVID but I still can’t do without my Zone products; especially my OmegaRx2 fish oil. The protein powder goes well in my breakfast oats as it provides satiation for the next 4-5 hours.

  2. Michael Kitchen

    I’ve been using Dr Sears’ Zone Protein Powder mainly as the low-fat protein source for my breakfasts for many years and, in large part, attribute my continuing wellness to this. I’m now into my 60s and I would be really hard-pressed to construct a Zone breakfast without having such a high-quality, low-fat protein source available to me. There doesn’t appear to be any other protein powder of similar quality available, at least in Australia as far as I know. I can only hope that I’ll be able to source this excellent product for many years to come.

  3. Robynne

    I am in nz and have to purchase different protein powder. Can you please tell me scoop size

    • Dr. Sears Zone

      Robynne, Thank you for your question. 1 Scoop of the Zone Protein powder is equal to 9grams and includes 7 grams of protein. Essentially, each scoop is 1 block of protein in the Zone Diet. Thank You, Dr. Sears Zone

  4. Michael

    I’ve been using Zone protein powder for many years as an essential dietary supplement to my daily diet. I only use it as a supplement to my breakfast menu because I found it very difficult to find palatable low-fat protein sources for breakfast. I believe it has contributed to my continuing good health and maintenance of my lean body mass going into my senior years.

    Unfortunately Zone products are not readily available in my home country of Australia and I need to ship my supplies in from the US Zone Shop using the Advantage program. A little inconvenient and an expensive option but to me the health benefits are worth it.

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