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If your level of cellular inflammation is high, the body begins attacking itself. If it is too low, then your body can’t fight off microbial invaders effectively. You need to keep the body’s level of cellular inflammation in a zone. Elevated levels of cellular inflammation are the underlying cause of why we gain weight, develop chronic disease, and age at a faster rate.

This simple finger-stick blood test measures the levels of two key fatty acids in the blood, Arachidonic Acid (AA) an omega-6 fatty acid and Eicosapentaenoic Acid (EPA), an omega-3 fatty acid. The average American has a score of approximately 20 but to be considered well Dr. Barry Sears recommends you be between 1.5 and 3. Don’t guess about cellular inflammation. Taking a painless fingertip blood test is the only way to know if you have high levels of cellular inflammation.

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Cellular Inflammation Testing

Measuring Your Future Wellness

We all desire to have a clinical marker of our future state of wellness. It is my opinion that the AA/EPA ratio in the blood is the best marker of that elusive goal because it measures the level of cellular inflammation in the body.

What is Cellular Inflammation?

Cellular inflammation is the type of inflammation that is below the perception of pain. What it does is disrupt hormonal signaling at the cellular levels that leads to increased fat accumulation, acceleration of the development of chronic disease, and decreased physical performance. You can’t feel cellular inflammation, but you can measure it. The only way to measure cellular inflammation is by testing the ratio of two essential fatty acids (AA and EPA) in your blood.

What is the AA/EPA Ratio?

The AA/EPA ratio is an indication of the levels of cellular inflammation in your body. High levels of cellular inflammation does not mean you have a disease state, but it does indicate that you are not as well as you could be. Your future state of wellness can be determined by the levels of cellular inflammation in the blood as shown below.


AA/EPA Ranges Cellular Inflammation Future state of wellness
1.5 to 3 Low Excellent
3 to 6 Moderate Good
7 to 15 Elevated Moderate
> than 15 High Poor


The higher your levels of cellular inflammation, the more likely the future development of chronic disease will be accelerated. A recent study from Italy has demonstrated that the AA/EPA ratio is always greater than 15 in patients with chronic diseases (1).

Dietary Methods to Improve the AA/EPA Ratio

There are no drugs that can change the AA/EPA ratio. This is because the AA/EPA ratio is a consequence of the diet. One method of lowering the AA/EPA ratio is to increase the intake of high-purity omega-3 fatty acid concentrates rich in EPA. This will increase the EPA content in the blood (2). This represents the fastest way to reduce the AA/EPA ratio. However, the best long-term method is to reduce the AA levels in the blood. This is best achieved by following a strict anti-inflammatory diet, such as the Zone Diet (3-5). The Zone diet was designed to reduce elevated levels of both insulin and omega-6 fatty acids so that the production of AA is significantly reduced. The combination of an anti-inflammatory diet coupled with high-purity omega-3 concentrations represents the most powerful dietary approach to reach and maintain a low level of cellular inflammation for a lifetime.

How much EPA and DHA do I have to take to reduce the AA/EPA ratio?

A recent dose-response study in healthy women who had a high risk for potential breast cancer has provided supplementation guidelines for reduction of the AA/EPA ratio (5).


Grams of EPA and DHA supplemented per day AA/EPA Ratio
0 12.1
0.8 4.7
2.5 2.6
5.0 1.3
7.5 1.2


This data indicates that a daily dosage of EPA and DHA of 2.5 grams was sufficient to bring the AA/EPA ratio into the desired range for excellent wellness for these healthy individuals. This level of EPA and DHA recommendation correlates well with an Italian study that demonstrated in patients with various chronic diseases having an elevated AA/EPA ratio (>15) lowered their elevated AA/EPA ratio to approximately 5 with daily supplementation of 2.5 grams of EPA and DHA (1). This is also indicative that a person with an existing chronic disease may need greater amounts of EPA and DHA to get them into an excellent wellness range compared to a healthy individual.

However, these are only general guidelines for daily EPA and DHA supplementation. The best indication of the amount of EPA and DHA required to optimize the AA/EPA ratio for an individual is best determined with blood testing every six to twelve months.

The benefits of reduction of the AA/EPA ratio.

The JELIS study was one of the largest cardiovascular studies ever done using more than 18,000 subjects with elevated cholesterol levels. When these subjects were given high doses of EPA (1.8 grams of EPA per day), their average AA/EPA ratio decreased from 1.6 to 0.8. This reduction in the AA/EPA ratio was associated with an additional 19% reduction in cardiovascular events during the next four and half years (7).

Until there is more data, I do not believe it prudent to reduce the AA/EPA ratio to less than 1.5 even through significant cardiovascular benefits do occur at lower AA/EPA ratios in patients with elevated cholesterol levels as demonstrated in the JELIS study.


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68 reviews for Zone Labs Cellular Inflammation Test Kit

  1. Craig Chaney

    Outstanding test, easy to use, with excellent clear information of the results to provide you a focus point for your nutritional intake and omega-3 supplementation.
    Thanks for a great product!

  2. Brad NaPier MD

    This test lets you know whether or not you are consuming an anti inflammatory diet (AA level) and whether or not you are taking enough fish oil (EPA). The test is easy to perform and the lab report is easy to understand. Dr. Sears continues to be the foremost leader of preventative nutrition. I look forward to his next book.

  3. René (verified owner)

    Good tes-kit with clear information and steps to follow. Too bad that is has to come all the way from the US wich forces me to pay import right of € 40,- and the test is already not that cheap..
    Would be a good idea to go international with these tests.

  4. Riaz Moiz Jadliwala (verified owner)

    Excellent product.

    Would be great if Zone labs could setup its operations here in Singapore too.

  5. Ma de Lourdes Garcia

    This kit works in Mexico ? , Additional cost laboratory examination ?

    • Zone Labs Customer Support

      Thank you for your post. In order to take the Cellular Inflammation Test in Mexico you would need to contact our exclusive partners at Zone Diet Mexico. Their contact information is by phone at 52 33 36 40 49 00 or by email at . They are located in Guadalajara and their website is Thank You, Zone Labs Customer Support

  6. Linda (verified owner)

    This kit is much easier to use than the older kit that was recommended. You only need one drop of blood. Results come back quickly. Report is easy to read and guidance about adjusting fish oil is helpful.

  7. ernest

    never been tested first time user.

  8. Delia (verified owner)

    A very user-friendly test, easy to use, no painful and fast to get the results. I truly recommend this test and the zone diet approach for healthy living

  9. Richard Campbell

    Very quick response. I deal directly with the labs on all my blood work so this was no big deal. I have been taking 4 omega 3 pills for 40 years so no surprise my rating was 3.0. Nice to know they are having an effect.

  10. Dr. Arcadio P. Sincero (verified owner)

    I like to use Zone Labs because I have been reading Dr. Sears books. However, in the latest test result, the Full Fatty Acid Profile was not included in the report submitted to me. In the past, I always had this report. I was wondering if this was an oversight or not. So, I requested that the full report be submitted to me.

  11. Susan (verified owner)

    So simple, and the directions were a snap to follow. Reasonably priced for frequent repeats. The lancet did not hurt at all!!! I am a bleeder, so it took a bit to get even that tiny prick to stop dripping, but so worth it. I tested at 2.0, but my AA score was 9.6, so I’ve upped my OmegaRx to 6 each day spread out throughout the day. I’ll test again in another month. Can’t wait to show my physician.

  12. Brett

    I personally saw my score go from 11.7 before taking fish oil to 6.0 after a month of taking a single dose, to 4.3 after a month of doubling up to 5.0 grams. Impressed I could reduce my score so quickly without changing my diet.

  13. Belinda (verified owner)

    Very easy to use!!! Results received vey quickly. Will use every 6 months to ensure AA/EPA ratio is in the correct band.

  14. Valerie (verified owner)

    Very interesting feedback

  15. Giuseppe Totino

    This test is what you need if you are serious about setting wellness as a top priority in your life. Everything is made easy. The kit is well packaged and the information well presented and easy to follow. Responses are emailed fast and the report is structured in a clear design, in color, with all the necessary information and explanations.

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