Asian Cabbage Orzo Salad

The flavors you’d expect from a takeout meal are all here in a healthy Zone dish that’s easy to make at home.

Awesome Pasta Salad

Make a big batch and bring to a cookout. Just let your friends know there is plenty of protein already in the salad, so it’s okay to skip the burger.

Broccoli Orzo

Frozen broccoli is put to good use in this great tasting meal. This an easy meal to make with ingredients you have on hand in the pantry or the freezer.

Cheesy Spinach Fusilli

Fresh spinach, mozzarella, and diced tomatoes make this a meal that can be enjoyed all year long.

Fusilli and Roasted Vegetables

This dish is great hot or cold! A favorite of Dr. Sears with roasted tomatoes and eggplant.

John’s Fried Rice

Zone PastaRx Orzo allows you to enjoy this once forbidden food without the guilt!

Cold Southwest Fusilli Salad

This south of the border recipe makes a great addition to your summertime meals.

Cold Sesame Slaw

This colorful dish is sure to engage the senses with the infusion of tangerine.