Jambalaya In The Zone

A hearty jambalaya that will be the fan favorite dish at your next gathering.

Fusilli with Creamy Pepper Sauce

Enjoy our fusilli blended with a creamy pepper sauce with roasted red peppers and tomatoes.

Fusilli with Red Clam Sauce

This is not your grandmother’s recipe. Zone Pasta makes this a filling and tasty meal inspired by this classic dish.

Chipotle Mustard Sauce

This one’s a step in the healthier direction for condiments and sauce.

Pepper Relish

A great BBQ condiment, this relish combines tomatoes, peppers and onions, and is seasoned with cider vinegar, pickling spice, lemon herb and celery salt.

Espagnol Sauce

Espagnole is a classic brown sauce, here made from beef stock and Worcestershire sauce, seasoned with tomato puree, onions, red wine and spices.

Barbecue Sauce

This healthy BBQ sauce is busting out with favors of liquid smoke, chili and apples.


This classic Argentinian meat condiment is bright, fresh, and tart, with a touch of spicy heat; thin-bodied but loaded with chopped herbs for vibrant “green” flavor. Can be used as a sauce or marinade.