Raspberry Lime Smoothie

This fresh citrus-berry smoothie is better than a lime Rickey.

Baked Sole with Leeks

Layering sole on the leaks while baking allows flavors to rise through, while wine, garlic, shallots and dill on top provides sweetness in each bite.

Sweet and Sour Shrimp Salad

Unique flavors from grapefruit and apple make the shrimp salad have a great sweet and sour taste.


This classic Argentinian meat condiment is bright, fresh, and tart, with a touch of spicy heat; thin-bodied but loaded with chopped herbs for vibrant “green” flavor. Can be used as a sauce or marinade.

Dill Lime Salmon

Salmon poached in sparkling water with citrus flavors makes for a fresh tasting dinner.

Cottage Cheese with Fruit

EASY. Mandarin oranges are the key to this recipe’s success.

Chicken Kali

A long-time Zone favorite, the Chicken Kali will warm you up and excite your taste buds.

Salmon with Sweet Salsa

Fruit is the tasty base for the sweet salsa on the salmon.

Spa Smoothie

Quite refreshing smoothie with berries, mandarin oranges, and a touch of mint. Perfect for a spa day or if you just want something tasty.