Spicy Southwestern Orzo Skillet

This easy one-skillet orzo meal gets it’s flavor from your favorite salsa, chili powder and Tabasco. You control the heat from mild to hot, hot, hot!

Green Pork Chili

Make sure pork is very lean for this spicy Spanish chili.

No Bean Turkey Chili

Lots of vegetables are used instead of beans in this Zone turkey chili.

Black Bean Chorizo Chili

An easy one-pot meal that is in the Zone and packs a great deal of flavor.

Vanessa’s Zone Chili

Contains a great variety of spices and flavors to make an amazing bowl of chili.

Turkey Chili with Salad

Start this easy chili recipe in a slow cooker just before you leave the house to run errands, so it’s ready for supper when you arrive home.

Chicken & Vegetable Chili

Jalapeños spice up this classic chicken and veggie chili.

Mexi Chicken Chili

Great for making the night before and taking to work the next day, the chicken chili holds well and the tasty Spanish flavors stay strong.

South American Chili Soup

Use whatever salsa power you desire in this chicken chili soup, pack some serious or keep it mild…either way it will be very tasty.