Cauliflower Orzo Curry Bowl

Ginger, tomato, and butternut squash is slightly spicy, but cool and creamy. This dish is excellent as a hot entree or as a cold salad.

Spinach Orzo with Balsamic Chicken Breast

Tender chicken and cauliflower combine in this pasta dish with a hint of sweetly acidic balsamic vinegar to round out the flavor.

Poached Flounder

Features spinach drizzled with olive oil and cauliflower-mash to go with the healthy and appetizing poached flounder.

Chicken Marsala

Zone version of the classic Chicken Marsala recipe with the tasty cauliflower-mash (faux mashed potatoes).

Crab Bisque

Salmon may also be used in this Zone seafood bisque recipe.

Chicken and Dressing

This easy chicken recipe is perfect for a simple meal with cauliflower, mushrooms, and peppers.

Mushroom Tenderloin with Artichoke Hearts

This heart filled meal combines several Zone recipes, such as the Zone Mushroom Sauce and Cauliflower-Mash, to make one delicious and healthy dinner.