Baked BBQ Salmon & Brussels Orzo

The roasted Brussels sprouts with smoked paprika make this pasta dish satisfying and delicious.

BBQ Pepper and Onion Pasta

This healthy BBQ pepper and onion pasta recipe makes a wonderful lunch or dinner. It’s fine to use fresh peppers too, but the frozen option is quick and easy.

Barbecued Scallops Over Orzo

Last minute dinner guests, no problem. This ingredient list is sure to wow your guests, plus the scallops can be made in no time on the barbecue. 

Barbecue Tempeh and Vegetables

Flavorful vegan recipe that will keep you satisfied and full from the tempeh and vegetables.

Barbecue Chicken Salad

Finally, a Zone-friendly BBQ recipe perfect for summer barbecuing that lets you have a tasty meal while still being healthy.

Barbecue Beef with Onions

Healthy barbecue flavors make this beef with onions recipe great for any cookout.