Learn how to increase the expression of anti-aging genes and decrease diet-induced inflammation.

2015 Zone Cruise

March 15 – March 22, 2015

Although we are living longer, it is not clear that we are living better. Recent changes in our diet have accelerated the development of chronic disease at an earlier age. Medical technology can keep us alive longer, but your quality of life suffers.

What if you could reprogram your genes to simultaneously reduce inflammatory genes while enhancing the expression of anti-aging genes? Not only would you age better, but your skin becomes your barometer as to how well you’re optimizing health and longevity. Dr. Sears will discuss his latest Zone breakthroughs that help you change the rate of aging as well as answering your questions on the latest nutritional news.

Join us on an unforgettable vacation cruising the Caribbean, enjoying 5-star Zone meals and learning the secrets of controlling the aging process. Don’t miss the “Turning Back the Hands of Time” Zone Cruise.

“We have been on seven Zone Cruises since 2006 and have enjoyed every one. Dr. Sears’ presentations are informative providing incentive for thinking “in the Zone”, which leads to eating “in the Zone”. The Zone Cruises are relaxing, educational, fun and you never go away hungry.”

– Jim and Mimi
Houston, Texas

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