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Brazil provides a new opportunity for the Zone as Dr. Sears passes the Brazilian steakhouse challenge

By Dr. Barry Sears

Dr. Sears gives a lecture to a turn-away crowd at the University of Sae Paule Medical School.

I recently returned from my initial visit to Brazil as part of our grand opening of this country to the Zone. Although this was my first visit, the previous three years of preparation by our partners at ZoneDiet Brazil laid the foundation for a great initial beginning.

The trip started with a medical seminar at the University of Sao Paulo Medical School (considered the Harvard Medical School of Latin America) to the department of immunology. They liked the presentation so much that I was invited back in October for their international conference in Rio. Somehow I think I can fit this into my schedule.

This was followed by an interview on brain trauma by their equivalent of the New York Times as well as interviews in several major magazines. From Sao Paulo, we went to Brasilia, the capital of Brazil and home of ZoneDiet Brazil, for more national TV and print interviews. The final part of my journey was our first Anti-Inflammation Certification course in Brazil with more than 80 attendees.

Of course, I believe my greatest challenge on this trip was showing our partners how easy it is to go to a Brazilian steakhouse and still make a Zone meal. That is the ultimate challenge for the Zone Diet but easily met. They were impressed.