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March Newsletter

The Zone pushes athlete to new heights  By Dean Karnazes

In 1999 I read a book called 'The Zone' by Dr. Barry Sears. As an athlete, I had experimented with all types of diets in the
past in hopes of improving my performance. A friend of mine recommended that I read 'The Zone,' so I did. That one book profoundly influenced my life. Read More >

Six weight-loss blunders to avoid  By Dave Schreck

The crowds have subsided at the Y, however, the ones who are hanging on and many of the current members could benefit from this article. I discussed in a previous e-zine article what you put in your mouth is more important than a gym membership. Read More >

Start your day with a delicious one-bowl meal   By Sue Knorr

Breakfast bowls are popping up on menus everywhere these days. You can put one together in your own kitchen in no time with a minimal amount of cooking involved. They're almost as much fun to make as they are to eat. Read More >

Brazil provides a new opportunity for the Zone as Dr. Sears passes the Brazilian steakhouse challenge  By Dr. Barry Sears

I recently returned from my initial visit to Brazil as part of our grand opening of this country to the Zone. Although this was my first visit, the previous three years of preparation by our partners at ZoneDiet Brazil laid the foundation for a great initial beginning. Read More >

Exercise for the thyroid-challenged  By Lisa Ziegel

One of the most frustrating things for people who suffer from thyroid issues is exercising. Of course, exercise is great for practically everyone, but those with either hypo- or hyper-thyroid conditions need to be especially aware of precautions they need to take. Read More >