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June Newsletter

The Mediterranean Zone is coming!

Dr. Sears' newest book will be published in September and promises to do for polyphenols what his book, The OmegaRx Zone, did for omega-3 fatty acids. More ominously, Dr. Sears lays out a health scenario in which our diabetes epidemic may only be a prelude to an epidemic of dementia. That's the bad news. The good news is that this book also explains that both diabetes and Alzheimer's can be reversed with the appropriate dietary strategy. In particular, Dr. Sears explains that the health benefits of the Mediterranean diet come from the adequate intake of polyphenols. This book explains why and more importantly how you can maximize the health benefits of polyphenols by applying Zone principles to balancing your plate. Read More >

Trip of a lifetime brings dietary challenges  By Dave Schreck

A few years ago a friend of mine had a hunch and said I was going to visit New Zealand (NZ). I responded, "Are you sure? I don't know anyone from there." That was until I met Prudence, who had moved to the Boston area from NZ. hat prediction came true this past March when I spent an entire month in NZ traveling the north and south islands. When Prudence showed our itinerary to a relative from NZ, he said, "I've never been to half of these places!" We're talking about: WWaitomo Glowworm Caves - thousands of sparkling glowworms above you, Aranui Caves - magnificent limestone formations, Craggy Range Winery - beautiful setting, delicious wines, Abel Tazman National Park, Mount Cook (picture), Pancake Rocks at Punakaiki (picture), Bungee jumping, Queenstown, and much more. Read More >

Use the "talk test" to speak your way to cardiovascular fitness  By Lisa Ziegel

The notion that we need to train in a heart-rate "zone" has long been held, and a standard formula has been widely accepted to help us make sure we are in the right range for "cardiovascular" exercise. This formula, which is calculated by 220 minus your age, theoretically represents your maximum heart rate. There are several ways to calculate maximum heart rate, but there is no scientific basis for the formulas. So what should the average exerciser who just wants to enjoy the benefits of cardiovascular exercise, but also wants to safely gauge his or her activity level do to make this process easier? One answer is to simply take the "talk test." Read More >

De-stress with candle meditation  By Sue Knorr

Meditation is one of the key components of the Zone lifestyle. Think of it as a makeover for your brain. Clearing your mind for just 20 minutes daily has a multitude of long-lasting benefits. The process begins with letting go of thoughts and negative emotions and creating a peaceful sense of wellbeing. The really mind-blowing (forgive the pun) aspects of meditation are its physiological benefits, which include lowering the levels of the stress hormone cortisol and prompting epigenetic changes (positive changes in gene expression). I'll leave the science to Dr. Sears. He recently explained to a group of ZoneHealth Coaches that adding meditation to the basic Zone principles of diet, polyphenols and omega-3s from fish oil takes your experience to "the cutting edge of molecular biology". Read More >

New Website is here, and more are coming  Dr. Barry Sears

Our new is up and operational. I think when you visit it, you will find a great wealth of new information, including videos describing the primary areas of the impact of the anti-inflammatory Zone technology and our breaking nutritional news with Dr. Sears’ personal comments. Even more changes will be taking place over the next few months as both and the sites are also reconfigured. The site will feature the monthly breaking academic research about a number of chronic disease conditions as well as in-depth discussions on the role of inflammation in specific chronic disease conditions. Read More >

Here's a special offer for a very special Zone shake  Dr. Barry Sears

As I explain in my next book, The Mediterranean Zone, our knowledge of the importance of polyphenols in human health is only beginning to emerge. But like omega-3 fatty acids, you need a therapeutic dose to get a therapeutic effect, especially for gut health. What is a therapeutic amount? About 1 gram per day. Unfortunately, polyphenols are not very concentrated in foods. You would have to consume about two pounds of vegetables or one pound of fruits on a daily basis to get the minimum dosage of polyphenols. This is why we developed the ZoneHealth Shakes as a delivery system to get all the necessary polyphenols on a daily basis. Each serving contains approximately 500 mg of polyphenols, and with two shakes a day you are getting the minimum level of polyphenols necessary for good health. Read More >