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July Newsletter

Cool off with a tall glass of home-made flavored water  By Sue Knorr

Water. It's as important for sustaining life as the air we breathe, but few people drink enough of it. The body is 70 percent water. Water is easily lost and needs to be continually replaced throughout the day in order for the body to remain hydrated and work efficiently. Staying hydrated on a fat-burning diet like the Zone requires almost 50 percent more water than would be needed on a high-carbohydrate diet. Since you’re going to be drinking all that water each day, why not enjoy it? Flavored water is taking up more and more shelf space in grocery stores everywhere, but buyer beware. Read More >

Dr. Sears comments on breaking health news  By Dr. Barry Sears

A new feature on is Nutritional News. Just about every day Dr. Sears comments on the latest health stories. Here are some examples: It's not the sugar as much as the excess glucose. Excess glucose is potentially addictive (Gearhardt N et al Current Drug Abuse Reviews(2011 4:140) as it can hijack the dopamine reward pathways in the brain. The largest sources of glucose in the diet are grain and starches. Cut back on those as much as you cut back on sugar, and your brain and your body will be thankful. Read More >

Finding what really works — How to sort through product claims  By Lisa Ziegel

You've seen them on TV, those infomercials on late at night touting the one thing you need to help you get into the shape of your life. Or maybe on QVC, or on YouTube. In any case, ever since structured exercise has been popular, gadgets have come and gone, and the ones that work are naturally still around. If there were a museum for useless gadgets, it could be filled with things that were produced, hawked, bought, used maybe once and then promptly stashed in a closet or a garage. These are items like weights that shake, or devices that target a single body part, such as the thighs, along with countless tools to whittle the waist and firm the abdominals. Read More >

Sherlock helps make Saladworks work for Zoners  By Sherlock Zone

"What can go wrong at a restaurant named Saladworks?" inquired our fearless food detective, Sherlock Zone. Actually quite a lot, was the reply. And so off Sherlock went to give Zoners some clues on what to eat. First off, the restaurant offers a plethora of sandwiches, and most of the soups will whisk diners out of the Zone. But there is a lot of good news, too. First, diners are able to create their own salads. Read More >

In defense of the Zone  By Dave Schreck

I met Dr. Barry Sears in the late '80s when a mutual friend suggested that I visit his laboratory 20 miles north of Boston. At that time I was participating in triathlons, and Dr. Sears was working with elite athletes from the Stanford University swim team and the NFL. I was interested in diets, and he was an expert on the hormonal effects of food and how it could enhance performance and health. His 1995 New York Times bestselling book, "The Zone," had an 800 # in Appendix A, and the quote: "My scientific reputation is on the line when you follow a Zone-favorable diet as I have outlined." Read More >