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January Newsletter

Olympics inspire winter activities   By Lisa Ziegel

Excitement is building for the upcoming winter Olympic games in Sochi, which begin on Feb. 7. Not only are exciting winter sports, such as ski jumping and snowboarding, widely covered in telecasts both on television and online, viewers may also watch events that normally get zero coverage. For instance, who follows curling when the Olympics are not on? Or luge or skeleton racing? And this year Sochi is upping the ante by including 12 sports that are new to the Winter Olympics: Mixed team biathlon relay, mixed team figure skating, luge team relay (one for all-male and one for all-female teams), individual men's and women's ski half pipe, ski slopestyle, snowboard slopestyle, parallel slalom, and women's ski jumping.
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Baking breakthrough creates Zone comfort foods  By Dave Schreck

The back cover of Dr. Sears' 1995 NY Times bestseller "The Zone" states "BASTA (enough) WITH THE PASTA!" WARNING: EATING THESE CARBOHYDRATES COULD BE DANGEROUS TO YOUR HEALTH: bananas, apple juice, bread, rice, potatoes, pasta and many more.
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Here are simple homemade Zone meals

Even people who swear by Dr. Sears' new pasta meals should create one homemade Zone meal just about every day. Cooking in the Zone isn't hard to do, especially if Zoners keep packages of frozen chopped onion and chopped peppers in their freezers. If a cup of chopped onion is needed, it's ready to go. Also keep sacks of frozen vegetables, including broccoli florets, handy.
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Have a healthy New Year   By Sue Knorr

The Zone Diet is still the foundation for achieving optimal wellness and performance some 20 years or so after it's inception. Zone 1-2-3 as it's called consists of three distinct parts, the Zone Diet, omega-3s and polyphenols. Together they provide unparalleled nutritional support for controlling cellular inflammation for a lifetime. Follow these simple tips to make the most of what the Zone has to offer.
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Sherlock tries out Seasons 52

Sherlock Zone, our longtime food detective, was drawn to Seasons 52 because the restaurant promises "a fresh dining experience that celebrates living well." In many cases, that's true, Sherlock found, but only if diners pass on the flatbread, potatoes, quinoa and the like.
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