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A jump-start week in The Zone

By Rob Coburn, Zone Labs new marketing team consultant

I work for Zone Labs on marketing. How Zone Labs works for me might be interesting to you.

Last fall I had a call from a colleague who asked me if I had the time to talk to Dr. Sears. He explained that Dr. Sears was the creator of the Zone Diet, had written 13 books, and was looking for a marketing professional to help more people discover and get in the Zone. Dr. Sears and I had several fascinating conversations about his work and my efforts to try to manage type 2 diabetes

My diabetes management has included diet and exercise. The exercise hit a high point in 2010 when I finished the Race Across America (RAAM), a one-stage bike race that starts near San Diego and ends up in Annapolis, Md. 'One stage' means that after it starts, there is no rest until the finish line. I was on an eight-person relay team of other athletes with diabetes. We rode round the clock and finished in seven days.

As a result of the training and the race, I had lost weight, significantly improved my blood-sugar control, and dropped almost all of my high blood-pressure medicine. It was an epic adventure and took up much of my free time for a year. In hindsight, I still can't quite figure out how I fit in all of the training while balancing the demands of work and an 18-month-old baby

Thinking I had cured diabetes, the exercise and close diet control slipped. The weight came back on. The three-hour long rides turned into easy spins by the beach on the weekends and then tapered off. Blood sugar readings showed the result, and medicine was again part of my life.

As part of my research required to help market the Zone, I had read Dr. Sears' works and comparisons to other diets. At the same time, Dr. Sears explained more to me about the disease process and how diabetes works in your body than I had learned since the diagnosis.

I started taking OmegaRx and SeaHealth Plus. And now I am a firm believer in the benefits of both.

Then I took Dr. Sears' advice and tried his pasta meals. My goal was to focus for a week on breaking some bad eating habits, really focusing on recording everything that went into my mouth, and tracking my blood sugar. I didn't have a weight-loss goal. I armed myself with a good supply of the meals and shakes. I had tried both before but hadn't used them in a focused way

I had a shake with milk (they are great in the blender by the way) or a Zone pasta meal for breakfast, a pasta meal for lunch most days and a home-cooked Zone meal for dinner with my family. My Zone meals weren't perfect in terms of measuring everything, but in general they were on target. I never felt like I was missing something. I enjoyed spicing up the meals a bit, and the shakes taste great. I really wasn't hungry and was honestly surprised by the size of the meals. And what about the numbers? I watched my blood sugar measurements drop during the week and lost a bit more than ten pounds. It was a great week and a good jump-start.

I'm glad to be on the team.