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February Newsletter

Zone Living

Dr. Sears invites you to join him on the Zone Diet Cruise March 30, 2014, sailing aboard the beautiful Celebrity Silhouette from Ft. Lauderdale to the tropical Eastern Caribbean. You'll enjoy an ideal blend of relaxing leisure-time activities and insightful, 'how-to' seminars that will provide a clear path to a better, longer, and healthier life for the rest of 2014 and beyond.
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A jump-start week in The Zone  By Rob Coburn

I work for Zone Labs on marketing. How Zone Labs works for me might be interesting to you. Last fall I had a call from a colleague who asked me if I had the time to talk to Dr. Sears. He explained that Dr. Sears was the creator of the Zone Diet, had written 13 books, and was looking for a marketing professional to help more people discover and get in the Zone.
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Make salads in no time, no recipe needed  By Sue Knorr

Have you ever wished you could quickly put together a delicious, healthy meal without a recipe? Recently I had the pleasure of getting together for an early supper with friends from my yoga class. Everyone brought food and drink to share.
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No to New Year's resolutions, yes to New Year's evolutions   By Dave Schreck

The Resolutionists have invaded the YMCA once again! It's interesting to observe Y members fighting for the parking spot closest to the entrance to then go work out. History demonstrates that ease in finding a spot will occur within 30 days.
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Full body training with ropes  By Lisa Ziegel

Exercise aficionados are always looking for the ultimate total-body workout. Most people want a workout that is fun and fast-paced, yet challenging. Combining resistance training with cardiovascular endurance is another desired attribute, since it maximizes time spent exercising (which can often be minimized while still resulting in desired gains in fitness and body-toning).
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