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August Newsletter

2015 Zone Cruise  March 15 - March 22, 2015

Although we are living longer, it is not clear that we are living better. Recent changes in our diet have accelerated the development of chronic disease at an earlier age. Medical technology can keep us alive longer, but your quality of life suffers. What if you could reprogram your genes to simultaneously reduce inflammatory genes while enhancing the expression of anti-aging genes? Not only would you age better, but your skin becomes your barometer as to how well you're optimizing health and longevity. Dr. Sears will discuss his latest Zone breakthroughs that help you change the rate of aging as well as answering your questions on the latest nutritional news. Read More >

Everything is chocolate  By Sue Knorr

My love of chocolate goes back further than I can remember. Without a doubt it's right up there at the top of my list of most favorite things to eat. Cacao in its raw state, a.k.a. raw chocolate, is one of the healthiest foods on earth because it's loaded with delphinidins. Delphinidins are the best of the best polyphenols, the things that give plants their colors and make them so good for us. Notice I said raw cacao, raw chocolate. Raw is the key. To receive the full benefit of the polyphenols in cacao, it must be eaten in its raw form. Read More >

Battling diabetes with physical activity  By Lisa Ziegel

We have been hearing it on the news for so long it is practically on repeat: The incidence of diabetes is continually on the rise. However, instead of spurring people into action to be proactive about preventing it or managing it better, a recent report conveys disturbing news - the epidemic has only gotten worse. Instead of 8.3 percent of all Americans being diagnosed as type 2 diabetics (in 2010), in 2012, the number went up to 9.3 or 29.1 million vs. 25.8 million. Not only that, but millions more have the disease and are not aware of it – meaning they must be ignoring the telltale symptoms that include unmitigated thirst, frequent urination, lack of energy, and more. By the time these signs have been experienced, chances are the results of a blood test for glucose levels will determine the diagnosis after the fact. Read More >

How sick are you? Your future may be grim  By Dave Schreck

That's not very positive. The title could have been "How Healthy are you?" But since most of us suffer from stinkin' thinkin' (we think in the negative) and are at high risk for chronic conditions, the title probably resonates with most of us. One in four Americans, about 80 million, has some form of pre-diabetes or diabetes. If you're on certain medications, need to lose body fat, don't exercise or practice stress reduction, chances are your silent inflammation is elevated, and your future health may be bleak. Unfortunately, you can't tell if someone has elevated levels of inflammation just by looking at them. Regular blood work doesn't measure cellular inflammation. Read More >

Will the Zone Diet help Argentina win the 2014 World Cup in soccer?  By Dr. Barry Sears

Dr. Sears wrote the first part of this story in September 2012.
Coming back from my recent trip to Argentina, I was pleasantly surprised to find out that the head of Zone Diet Argentina (Dr. Alberto Mazzucchelli) was not only a top sports' medicine physician but also a top soccer coach in Argentina. One of his patients is Ariel Garce, a national team player. Not only did Dr. Mazzucchelli repair Ariel's damaged knee, but he also revitalized Ariel's career once Ariel started following the Zone Diet. Read More >