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The summer of LUV

By Dave Schreck

We had a hot, dry summer, and I noticed a sale on natural-flavored seltzer water with no sweeteners, a great substitute for soda. I gave the cashier $20, and she accidentally rang in $200, prompting the register to give me over $180. She was aware of her mistake but couldn't figure out how to give me the correct change.

The other day I was at the YMCA talking with a friend who was complaining about his diabetic medication.

I gave him some simple recipes, Dr. Sears™ nutrition bars and encouragement. A few days later I asked him how he was doing. He said it was too difficult, and he'd continue with his bagels, pizza and medication. en there was John who hadn't been at the Y for more than six weeks. When I asked where he'd been, he said he had a battery of tests for weak legs and a foggy brain. Fortunately, all the tests came back negative; and when they took him o his medication (a statin), he felt great! Now what does he do? Take a chance or make a change?

Unfortunately, these individuals suffer from insufficient LUV - Lack of Unlimited Vision. they don't have the ability to take a moment to envision their future, in other words what will their future look and feel like if they remain the same. ink about it -- a cashier who can't make change, a pre-diabetic on the path to more expensive medications and complications (kidney failure, heart disease, amputations, blindness) and someone who stopped his expensive medication to lower his cholesterol. Unfortunately, weak muscles and memory loss are common side eects for many who take statin drugs. What does the future hold for John?

We all have something we'd like to change about our health. How about you? Do you have any habits or health concerns that would motivate you to make a small change?

The summer is over, and now is the time to re-evaluate your health. Even though we need to make a change, realize that transformation doesn't happen overnight. Progress is made with small steps. Fortunately, you don't have to be perfect to be successful. I'm no Zone angel. I slip in a pizza and a few beers on occasion. Remember, you achieve your goals by trying to be better, not by being perfect.

Take a deep breath, look into the mirror; then open up your medicine chest. Don't give up. Your future doesn't have to be like your past. Let this be a turning point by taking control of your health. Remember, you don't have to follow the Zone 100 percent to benet. You succeed by making small, meaningful changes. Consider reducing processed foods and replace them with lean proteins and colorful non-starchy vegetables. Now there's a small change that will lead to big rewards. For more information visit