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October Newsletter

To Slovenia with love  By Dr. Barry Sears

No, it's not a remake of a James Bond film but the starting point of my last European trip. Landing in Slovenia, I wasn't expecting much. What I got was a completely different impression. The capital city of Lubanjana was actually a smaller version of Vienna. I became more impressed during my one-day visit starting with a press conference with virtually every major journalist in Slovenia, then eating a Zone luncheon prepared by the top restaurant owner (she has six establishments), who is along-time Zoner. Read More >

The summer of LUV  By Dave Schreck

We had a hot, dry summer, and I noticed a sale on natural-flavored seltzer water with no sweeteners, a great substitute for soda. I gave the cashier $20, and she accidentally rang in $200, prompting the register to give me over $180. She was aware of her mistake but couldn't figure out how to give me the correct change. The other day I was at the YMCA talking with a friend who was complaining about his diabetic medication. Read More >

Are you an Apple or a Pear?  By Sue Knorr

Find out whether body shape alone reveals what's really happening on the inside. Most of us have heard of the pear-shaped body versus the apple- shaped body. These two shapes are a reference to where you carry your body fat. You are pear shaped if the widest part of your body is below the waist. If you are bigger around the middle, upper back and shoulders, with thinner arms and legs, you are apple shaped.The two types of stored fat associated with the pear and apple-shaped. Read More >

A movement designed to get people moving  By Lisa Ziegel

There should be no need to repeat the statistics that everyone must know by now: obesity is still on the rise, a huge percentage of the population is overweight and as a result diabetes, heart disease, osteoporosis, and related complications are occurring in epidemic proportions. It may not be as well known that inactivity has overtaken smoking as the leading cause of death per year worldwide (5.3 million vs. 5 million deaths due to smoking, and yes, you read that right). Read More >

Zone Cruise goes back to the future  By Dr. Sears

To understand where the Zone is going, you have to know where it came from. Every year we try to make our annual Zone Cruise more memorable than the previous year. 2014's Zone Cruise to the Eastern Caribbean March 30th will be no different. Join the creator of the Zone Diet and leading authority on anti-inflammatory nutrition, Dr. Barry Sears, and special guest speaker, Dr. Boyd Eaton, professor of Radiology and Anthropology at Emory University. Read More >