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5/3/2014 DailyRx: Diabetes has increased in US Youth

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3/13/2014 Help for Hormonal Skin and Hair

2/25/2014 Diabetes May Increase Stroke Risk in Women But Not Men

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11/26/2013 Chicago Tribune- CancerCentral (Empowered Doctor) / AZCentral- CancerCentral (Empowered Doctor): Dr. Sears featured in a video on fish oil and breast cancer- appeared on their site, plus Cancer Central sections of Chicago Tribune and AZ Central

11/25/2013 Breezy Mama: Can Food Dye Affect Your Child’s Behavior?

8/16/2013 Zone Diet Meal Plans

5/21/2013 First To Know: Creator of The Zone Diet Takes on Childhood Obesity

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1/29/2013 Marta Montrenegro: Don't Blame the High Cholesterol for CAD

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1/17/2013 HealthRadio- Good to Your Health: Dr. Sears Interviewed on Toxic Fat

10/31/2012 Voice America Health and Wellness Channel- Transforming Health with Brad King: TOXIC FAT – The Inflammatory Connection to Disease and How to Successfully Combat It!

9/7/2012 The Daily Meal: Foods Kids Hate to Eat (and How to Make Them Change Their Minds)

8/25/2012 LA's The Place: Dr. Barry Sears Discusses the Concept of The Zone Diet

7/29/2012 LA's The Place: The Concept of the Anti-Inflammatory Zone Diet as Explained by its Creator, Dr. Barry Sears

7/25/2012 OUTREACH TODAY: Dr. Sears interviewed on hormones

6/11/2012 Fox News Latino: Kiss Those Sugar Cravings Goodbye

6/10/2012 CardioLogix: Put Statins in the Drinking Water? I Think Not.

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5/30/2012 The Best and Worst Foods for a Bikini Body

5/26/2012 LA's The Place: Ask The Experts: Why Are Americans Getting Fat? Dr. Barry Sears Weighs In

5/2/2012 Examiner: Dr. Barry Sears questions multiple sclerosis fish-oil study

4/24/2012 GalTime: How To Stick To Your Diet While Dating

4/23/2012 Talking About Men's Health: Coffee with Sam: An interview with Zone Diet creator, Dr. Barry Sears

3/27/2012 Susan Rich Talks…Rich: Rich & Glute Free-Zone

3/2/2012 Blog Talk Radio: Wellness for the Real World with Dr. Veronica: Dr. Sears interview on omega-3s and depression

2/23/2012 The Gluten Free School: “Gluten & Inflammation” Master Class with Dr. Barry Sears

2/23/2012 Good to Your Health Radio: Dr. Sears interviewed on Toxic Fat

2/8/2012 Blog Talk Radio: Campfire Storytellers: Dr. Sears Interviewed on Toxic Fat

2/7/2012 Dr. Sears interviewed for online newspaper in Spain

2/7/2012 The Healthy Mind: Fish Oil & Your Mood

1/20/2012 Chef on a Mission: How to Test The Quality of Your Fish Oil at Home

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1/18/2012 Chef on a Mission: Why You Should Never Cook With Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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12/23/2011 Eating ample amounts of veggies and fish promotes longer life, study finds

10/1/2011 Authentic Health Coaching: Dr. Sears interview on inflammation

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9/6/2011 Entering The Zone with Dr. Barry Sears, part 1 Entering The Zone with Dr. Barry Sears, part 2

8/22/2011 Back Stage Pass Radio Program- blogtalkradio: Dr. Sears and Zone 1-2-3 foods featured on "GOOD EATS!" Bariatric-friendly food and snacks!

7/29/2011 Dr. Sears Answers Readers’ Questions About The Zone

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2/14/2011 Diets In Review: Zone Diet’s Dr. Barry Sears on Reducing Inflammation for Healthier Hearts