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5/19/2014 Diabetic women having more cardiovascular risk than men

5/12/2014 How Two Types of Diabetes Differ

4/13/2014 Vegetarian Zone Diet Plan

4/7/2014 Sleep Troubles Tied to High Blood Sugar Levels

3/31/2014 Best Life Quote: Reduced smoking trumps damage from rising obesity in life expectancy

3/18/2014 Agave Sugar Might Help Diabetes Patients

3/13/2014 Help for Hormonal Skin and Hair

3/1/2014 The Health Journals: FARM VS. PHARMACY

2/25/2014 Diabetes May Increase Stroke Risk in Women But Not Men

2/9/2014 LIVESTRONG.COM: 40-30-30 Diet Plan

1/22/2014 Your Health Journal: Omega-3s Help Ease Age-Related Macular Degeneration

1/21/2014 Possible Diabetes Protection in Chocolate, Tea and Berries

1/20/2014 Omega-3 fatty acids credited for comatose teen's miraculous recovery

1/17/2014 eMaxHealth: How omega-3 fatty acids might help Crohn's disease

1/14/2014 Statins: the great risk debate: Statins: the great risk debate

1/13/2014 A Cup of Coffee May Improve Memory

1/12/2014 Fending Off Diabetes with Olive Oil and Nuts

1/7/2014 Maintaining Weightloss Over the Years

1/7/2014 US World and News Report: Best Diets 2014

1/7/2014 Diabetes Mat Increase Risk in Women But Not Men

12/4/2013 Full Time Mommy: Raising a Vegetarian: The Growing Trend - Is it Healthy for Children?

11/26/2013 Empowered Doctor: Omega-3 Fatty Acids Slow Triple-Negative Breast Cancer Cell Proliferation

11/25/2013 Breezy Mama: Can Food Dye Affect Your Child’s Behavior?

11/23/2013 eMaxHealth: Are the new statin guidelines based on wrong data?

10/18/2013 Yahoo en Español: Rail Zone: sun, sea and ... Diet

10/11/2013 Lady Lux: Going Pink for Prevention: Breast Cancer Breakthroughs

8/16/2013 LIVESTRONG.COM: Paleo or Zone While Breastfeeding

8/16/2013 LIVESTRONG.COM: Zone Diet: Guide to Food Blocks

8/16/2013 Zone Diet Meal Plans

7/25/2013 The Network Journal: Control Workplace Stress By The Foods You Eat

6/30/2013 LA's The Place: Dr. Barry Sears Warns of Epigenitics – The Genetic Alteration of our Children from Today’s Processed Foods

6/30/2013 LA's The Place: Ask The Experts: Dr. Barry Sears: Fish Oils Source of Omega 3 – How Can We Tell if Fish Oils Are Refined?

6/14/2013 Ahlan! Live: THE DIET CHARTS!

6/13/2013 The Network Journal: Brainpower Foods: What You Eat Can Affect Your Decision-Making Ability

5/21/2013 First To Know: Creator of The Zone Diet Takes on Childhood Obesity

4/22/2013 Patch: Everything You Hear about Diet Is Basically Wrong'

3/11/2013 Examiner: Is Eating Fish Better Than Taking Fish Oil

1/29/2013 Marta Montrenegro: Don't Blame the High Cholesterol for CAD

12/31/2012 WOD Talk: 16 Tips for the Zone Diet

12/20/2012 The Box: Dietary Dispute

12/10/2012 Health in 30: Healthy Eating: What is Anti-Aging?

10/24/2012 Frugivore Magazine: Sugar Rules

10/1/2012 How did Carlos Tevez to lose 7 kilos

9/20/2012 Your Health Journal: Tips And Tricks To Fight Childhood Obesity

9/17/2012 Frugivore Magazine: Hidden Dangers of frozen meals

9/8/2012 Tiny Green Mom: Cauliflower Mash (faux mashed potatoes)

9/7/2012 Tiny Green Mom: Turkey Scallopini Recipe

9/7/2012 The Daily Meal: Foods Kids Hate to Eat (and How to Make Them Change Their Minds)

9/6/2012 Tiny Green Mom: Chicken Apple Medley

7/26/2012 Diets In Review: Use Summer Vacation to Teach Children About the USDA MyPlate

6/16/2012 Tiny Green Mom: Chicken and Black Bean Salad Recipe

6/11/2012 Fox News Latino: Kiss Those Sugar Cravings Goodbye

6/10/2012 CardioLogix: Put Statins in the Drinking Water? I Think Not.

6/6/2012 Your Health Journal: Simple Tips On How To Relieve Hip Pain Naturally

6/1/2012 Disney Family: Dr. Sears diabetic-friendly recipes No-Cook, Carb-Counted Summer Recipes

6/1/2012 Natural Health Magazine: Oops: 9 Mistakes That Are Aging You

6/1/2012 What's Up Magazine: Dr. Sears featured in an article on empty calories Overfed and Undernourished

5/30/2012 The Best and Worst Foods for a Bikini Body

5/3/2012 GalTime: Should We Use Sweeteners At All?

5/2/2012 Examiner: Dr. Barry Sears questions multiple sclerosis fish-oil study

4/23/2012 GalTime: The Power of Fish As A Superfood

3/31/2012 Daily Rx: Stress and Obesity - a Linked Pair

3/30/2012 Pretty Hard Work: Listen to Your Body to Maintain Your Healthy Living Efforts

3/4/2012 Hormones Beauty Health: Sources of Calcium for Bone Nutrition

3/1/2012 12 Steps to Coping With Arthritis

2/20/2012 Anxiety and Omega-3 Fatty Acids

2/19/2012 Early Childhood Nutrition Made Easy

2/13/2012 Book Review of Toxic Fat

2/9/2012 Balancing Your Diet

2/5/2012 Green Living AZ: It’s A Soy Story

1/20/2012 Dr. Barry Sears Shares His Fitness Tips With Our Readers

1/17/2012 Nutrition Savvy Girl: Dr. Barry Sears on the Benefits of Omega-3 Fatty Acids

1/11/2012 You Can't Outsource Weightloss: How to Eat for Life Using Healthy Living Goals

1/3/2012 Psychology Today: Anxiety and Omega-3 Fatty Acids

1/1/2012 Natural Cure Alternatives: Omega Zone Diet

12/23/2011 Eating ample amounts of veggies and fish promotes longer life, study finds

12/20/2011 The Real Deal on Coffee

11/28/2011 The Coffee Klatch: Parents' Holiday Book Wish list

11/23/2011 iVillage: 20 Ways to Fight Belly Flab

11/10/2011 Recipe Lion: Alternative Broccoli Casserole

11/10/2011 Recipe Lion: Turkey Eggplant Casserole

11/10/2011 Recipe Lion: New Orleans Turkey Gumbo Casserole

11/9/2011 EmpowHER: The Connection Between Psychological Issues and Physical Conditions

11/9/2011 HalogeTV: Are Fruits Bad for You?

11/8/2011 Differences In Concussions Between Adults And Children

11/2/2011 Hormones Beauty health: Foods to Help Regulate Hormone Levels During Menopause

10/25/2011 Best of You Today: Lose Weight by Stop Focusing on Your Calorie Intake and Start Focusing on Your Hormones

10/25/2011 Mother Nature 10 surprising tips that will give you an energy boost.

9/1/2011 Fitness Magazine: Inflammation in Female Athletes, "Recovery Mission"

8/31/2011 Dieting Together: A Roadmap For Couples

8/22/2011 She Knows: EAT WELL ON THE GO

8/16/2011 The Great ‘Grain Free’ Debate

8/11/2011 Psychology Today: Alzheimer’s: Putting Out the Fire in Brain

8/1/2011 Gulf News: 30 Days to a Healthier You

7/31/2011 LIVESTRONG.COM: The 30 40 30 Vegetarian Meal Plan

7/20/2011 Psychology Today: ADHD: An inflammatory condition

7/18/2011 Always New You: Super Food: Dill Lime Salmon

7/15/2011 LIVESTRONG.COM: What Fruits From Asia Help You Lose Weight?

7/6/2011 Healthy Fellow: Catching Up With Dr. Barry Sears

6/21/2011 Ciao Florentina: Dr. Barry Sears’s Nutritional Tips

6/2/2011 A Professional Healthy Living Tip A Day!

6/1/2011 Natural Health Magazine: Coming of Age

5/1/2011 Experience Life: Sugar Shock

4/13/2011 Today I Ate a Rainbow: Getting Your Kids to Eat More Fruits and Vegetables!

4/6/2011 9kidfitness: But Dr. Sears, I Love Hershey Bars!

4/6/2011 Tonya Peele: Are You Eating Food From the Stone Age?

4/2/2011 San Diego Entertainer: 7 Ways to Lose Fat Now

3/17/2011 Tiny Green Mom: Dill Lime Salmon

3/5/2011 Anti Aging Source: Dr Barry Sears Interview With The Anti Aging Source


2/6/2011 Tiny Green Mom: Dr. Barry Sears’ Curry Chicken Salad

1/27/2011 Tiny Green Mom: Frozen Blueberry Yogurt

1/25/2011 WebMD: Review of the 4 Hour Diet

1/21/2011 eMedicne : Human Growth Hormone and Weight Lifters

1/19/2011 Methuselah Foundation: 2011: The Experts Resolve to Live Longer

12/1/2010 Healthy Fellow: Dr. Barry Sears Interview Part Two

11/28/2010 LIVESTRONG.COM: What are the Best Low-Carb Diets for Diabetics to Lose Weight?

11/24/2010 Healthy Fellow: Dr. Barry Sears Interview Part One