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Florida Man is back in the Zone

by Lynn Sears

Florida man is back in the Zone

Florida resident Miguel Amador began to follow the Zone Diet back in 2009. At 500 pounds, he was desperate to lose weight and keep it off. Like many, Miguel had lost weight many times in the past only to regain it again. Now with type 2 diabetes, Miguel knew firsthand the long-term complications of that disease, including blindness, amputation, heart attacks, and kidney failure. This is because he worked as an orderly in one of Miami’s largest hospitals.

Dr. Sears first meet Miguel when he was developing his first experimental food products. Working with Miguel and his wife, Sally, Dr. Sears showed him how easy it was to incorporate these experimental products into his diet.

Within six months Miguel had lost a total of 110 pounds and was down to 390.

“I haven’t been hungry. I have lots of energy, and the plan is fabulous. If you follow this plan, you will lose weight,” Miguel said at the time.

So much for the good news. Now the bad news. Dr. Sears decided to go back to the drawing board to redesign his entire food line to provide even greater appetite suppression and to make the program even easier to comply with by having complete meals that needed only 90 seconds to heat.

The result of the discontinuation of the products? Miguel gained back 40 pounds.

But like any good story there is a happy ending. Once Dr. Sears introduced his newest generation of Zone Foods consisting of prepared meals that are shelf-stable for two years at room temperature, he was ready to get right back to Miguel.

For last six weeks Miguel has eaten only the Zone Pasta meals three times a day, had a Zone Cookie as a late afternoon snack and always included a large salad or non-starchy vegetable dish with his dinner meal. The end result is that Miguel has lost all the weight he gained waiting for this next generation of Zone Foods to appear.

Was the wait worth it? Miguel says definitely yes. The meals are more satisfying, he is never hungry (although he is eating about 1,400 calories per day), he is never tired (although his job requires a lot of physical activity), and he is never bored with the food.

“The program is even better than the original foods that I thought were great . It works because it’s easy. I am eating the food I like to eat, and the flexibility of these meals is incredible,” he said.

Dr. Sears believes Miguel will continue to lose about 10-20 pounds per month using the new Zone Foods. This means it will take Miguel about 18 months to get back to his weight of 220 from when he played high school football.

Although we’ll keep checking back with Miguel from time to time to chart his progress, you can get the same “weight-loss” pasta from and start eating your way back to weight loss with the foods you love to eat.