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Your Monthly Newsletter for Life in the Zone — June 2013
After each Zone Cruise (and we have been cruising since 1997), it is always good to look back and analyze how well it went.
The Calorie-is-a-Calorie Mantra Is Wrong! Following this advice may provide you with frustration and failure. The central theme of the Zone is understanding the importance of thinking of food hormonally, rather than calorically.
According to Dr. Richard Larson, an Engineering Systems Division professor who studies "queuing psychology" at MIT, we spend an average of at least two to three years of our lives waiting for things.
They're everywhere. A Denny's restaurant has made itself at home in just about every community across the nation. How convenient it would be to pop into one.
Here's a trio of easy salad recipes that will keep you in the Zone and out of the kitchen this summer. Each one contains only a few ingredients and can be put together in minutes, no cooking involved.