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2013 Zone Cruise Summary

By Dr. Barry Sears

Cruise coordinator Joe found a new way to take his maqui polyphenols by adding them to a glass of vodka.

After each Zone Cruise (and we have been cruising since 1997), it is always good to look back and analyze how well it went.

Again, we had an international attendance, including Zoners from Australia, Latin America, and Europe. I also believe the new information offered in the seminars at sea was compelling as I touched upon the topics of epigenetics, rebuilding the brain, and the growing science behind meditation. But of all the seminars, the implications of how changes in our diet are affecting the genes of the next generations were probably the most eye opening.

We also got the opportunity to introduce our new Zone Foods that are scheduled to be available in July. Perhaps the most practical application from the cruise was the discovery by our cruise coordinator that adding the maqui polyphenols to a glass of vodka may be the next new wave in health foods.

A real high point was spending most of my off-hours in my "office" in the cappuccino bar answering individual questions between the seminars at sea and our daily drop-in center discussions. Heck, that's the real fun part of the Zone Cruise for me. Any time I can help people find their way to the Zone, then it's a good day.

Editor's note: Next month we'll take a more in-depth look at the cruise and share photographic memories.