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Surviving the Bermuda Triangle

By Dave Schreck

Many non-Zone cruisers were enchanted by the "heavenly" dessert buffet. Eating like this too often will send people to heaven for sure.

Observing the eating habits of the non-Zoned passengers onboard our recent Zone Cruise you would have thought this was their last meal before we entered the ill-fated Bermuda Triangle. I heard one guest as he looked over the Saturday luncheon buffet say, "This is like heaven." Continuing to eat this way may send him to the heavenly buffet sooner than he wishes.

Dr. Sears' lectures identified the problem of obesity as an increase in cellular inflammation caused by "the perfect nutritional storm."

  • Increase of omega-6 consumption (processed foods, vegetable oils). HIs PowerPoint slides depicting the effects of high intakes of omega 6s on the internal organs were striking. Enough to make you put that chocolate cake back. The consequences of excess omega-6 are you age faster while becoming fatter, sicker, and dumber.
  • Increased consumption of refined carbohydrates causing insulin levels to soar.
  • Decreased consumption of Omega 3s (fish oil).
  • Decreased consumption of polyphenols (compounds that give fruits and vegetables their color).

How do you reduce cellular inflammation? Follow an anti-inflammatory diet, the Zone. But you say it's too difficult, changing my religion would be easier! The lazy man's way to reduce cellular inflammation? Anti-inflammatory supplements; omega 3s (OmegaRx) and polyphenols. What are the best polyphenols? Foods rich in delphinidins, a subclass of polyphenols, those compounds that give berries (like Maqui) their color. Zone Labs Polyphenol RT and XT contain this impressive polyphenol.

Unfortunately, most of people don't think their body is their business. They treat it like their car. The mechanic will take care of it just as the doctor will prescribe medications for their body. We've become passive regarding our health. Unfortunately, obesity has been classified as a "disease" by the American Medical Association, reinforcing the belief that your body is your doctors' business. Here's a revelation: Your body is your business.

Are you beginning to realize that you need to take action if you want to improve the quality of your life? Dr. Sears discussed the history of food ingredients from Paleolithic times, the Mediterranean diet and our modern foods of today consisting of refined sugars, carbohydrates, alcohol, and vegetable oils. These are the foods we love (bread, pasta, pizza), and we won't give them up because they taste good. But is there a solution? Yes, molecular baking, the first breakthrough in baking in 400 years! The foods that made us fat and increased our risk of chronic disease have been transformed into the next generation of Zone foods. The patented baking process promotes the linkage of protein to carbohydrate in the pasta and cookies, extending the lifetime of the protein through the digestive system. This results in more protein reaching the lower regions of the gut, enhancing the release of digestive tract hormones that shut down hunger, signaling the brain to stop eating.

The choice is yours. Manage your symptoms with expensive medications and nasty side effects and hope that the health-care act is going to save the day or take control of your health by following a scientifically validated program that includes patented Zone foods that help you to control hunger, OmegaRx, which helps control inflammation, and polyphenols that help slow down the aging process. The choice is yours> choose wisely.