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Test, don't guess about your health

By Dr. Barry Sears

The one thing that I constantly emphasize is that the real purpose of the Zone Diet is to control cellular inflammation for a lifetime. After all, it is cellular inflammation that makes you gain weight, develop chronic disease, and age faster. Yet your levels of cellular inflammation remain elusive without a clinical validation to see how you are doing. The AA/EPA blood test that I developed many years ago is that clinical validation for your success in following the Zone Diet.

Unfortunately, that type of testing was only available in research laboratories. That's why I am happy to announce our new website at where you can get the necessary test kit to determine your true health status by measuring your AA/EPA ratio with the least amount of effort. Although we continue to do this type of fatty acid testing in-house for various clinical research projects conducted by the Inflammation Research Foundation, we have co-partnered with OmegaQuant to outsource this blood testing to our customers. By doing so, we can offer you the most inexpensive testing available.

No one likes to give blood. That's why most people have their annual physical every five years. However, this test requires only a finger prick to get the drop of blood that is necessary for the test. In addition, with each test kit, we also supply detailed information on how to interpret the data you will receive and some general nutritional advice to optimize your levels of cellular inflammation. That's why we say, "test, don't guess" because your future health is too important not to know how well you are controlling cellular inflammation.