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Your Monthly Newsletter for Life in the Zone — February 2013
The one thing that I constantly emphasize is that the real purpose of the Zone Diet is to control cellular inflammation for a lifetime. After all, it is cellular inflammation that makes you gain weight, develop chronic disease, and age faster.
The last couple of months have been hard on obesity experts as they have learned that maybe the obvious is not so obvious.
Nuts pack a big punch nutritionally in a tiny, tasty package that's rich in fat and other nutrients. You might be surprised to learn that one cup of raw almonds contains 250 mg of calcium, very close to the 275 mg of calcium in one cup of milk.
We all do it. You're pushing your cart around the shopping aisles of the grocery store checking to see what others have placed in theirs. Yes, I do the same, plus I attempt to make a correlation between the type of foods in the cart and the health of the person pushing the cart.
If you have been exercising for some time, good for you! You are probably enjoying the results of your hard work because you are feeling more energized, enjoying better sleep, and maybe you've also toned up, gained strength and lost inches and weight!