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Surviving your future: Six simple suggestions

By Dave Schreck

It is hoped that you can remember a time when the family sat down to a home-cooked meal at the dining room table. Home cooking was always from fresh, whole foods or minimally processed; not from a box or can. Today more than 50 percent of our meals are consumed outside the home. Generations ago it was 2 percent, and people were much healthier than we are today! Do you have any idea of what they add to restaurant foods? Added are fats (high in omega 6s), sugars and salts used to make us over consume.

Here's something revolutionary. If you want to lower the risk factors (cellular inflammation) of all chronic disease (heart disease, cancer, arthritis, diabetes, dementia and Alzheimer's) and create a healthy future, you need to take control of your health. You need to treat your kitchen like a pharmacy and begin to cook with lean proteins and colorful non-starchy vegetables. Most likely your health issues are not only due to making poor food choices. After all, you were just following our government's flawed guidelines to consume pasta, rice, potatoes, breads, and cereals, but also due to changes in food products loaded with fat (vegetable oils), sugars and salt making them irresistible. People are up in arms, and rightfully so, regarding GMOs (genetically modified organisms), but unfortunately we've become genetically altered by our increased consumption of omega-6 fats that have lowered the percentage of omega-3 fats in the diet increasing cellular inflammation and chronic disease.

But you like your comfort foods and snacks? Perhaps that's why you may be overweight and on medications. You must change if you want a healthier future! Whole foods are easy to prepare, taste great and are economical compared to the cost of medications, by-pass surgery or the nasty side effects of many medications. Most of us spend more time watching bizarre food shows, cooking and dancing competitions than we spend in our own kitchens.

Here are six suggestions to help you survive the future.

  1. Avoid all vegetable oils. Why? Most contain high concentrations of omega-6s, the building blocks for cellular inflammation. Solution: Use a high-quality organic cold pressed olive oil for dressings and drizzling. For cooking use high-oleic safflower oil, ghee (clarified butter) or refined (light) olive oil, which have lower amounts of omega-6s and higher smoke points.
  2. Eliminate or severely reduce your grains and starches (breads, pasta, rice, corn, potatoes, etc). Why? These foods are 100 percent glucose and rapidly enter the bloodstream causing insulin to soar, your worst hormonal nightmare, laying the foundation for increased cellular inflammation. Solution: Consume colorful, non-starchy veggies and one serving of mixed berries per day. Consider using low-carb flat breads, spaghetti squash, and Shirataki noodles (composed of a water soluble dietary fiber from the root of the Konjac plant). Don't like vegetables? Consider hummus, three-bean salads. Kidney beans, black beans, lentils, and chickpeas contain about 9g. of carbohydrate per ¼ cup or one block, vs. 3 cups of broccoli for 9g of carb. Don't like any of these suggestions? No problem. Take a high-quality polyphenol product to make up for those beneficial compounds you lost by avoiding your veggies. More information at
  3. Consume the correct amount of lean protein based on your lean body mass and activity factor. Why? Protein helps to balance blood sugars, repair and build tissues, make enzymes and hormones, and it's the building block for bones, muscles, and the immune system. Solution: Use the body fat calculator at (under tools) and follow the Zone recipes.
  4. Take a hike. Why? Because exercise promotes mental well-being and enhances life expectancy. Consider yoga, walk, jog, run, swim -- do something you enjoy.
  5. Supplement with a high-quality omega-3. Why? Helps maintain a healthy heart and may reduce your risk of coronary disease, supports long-term cognitive health, and reduces cellular inflammation (the underlying risk factor for chronic conditions). More information at:
  6. Learn to smell the roses (practice some form of meditation). Why? The CDC (Center for Disease Control) stated that "up to 90 percent of doctor visits may be triggered by stress-related illness." The rewards of meditation include more than 35 physiological benefits, 45 psychological benefits, and more than 20 spiritual benefits. Impressive. Go for it. There are many programs available. Start your search and relax today.