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Your Monthly Newsletter for Life in the Zone — April 2013
The concept of the Zone is never static. This is because of the continuing new breakthroughs in molecular biology that demonstrate the power of our diet to affect the expression of our genes. The best way to transmit this evolving body of knowledge is the writing of new books.
It is hoped that you can remember a time when the family sat down to a home-cooked meal at the dining room table. Home cooking was always from fresh, whole foods or minimally processed; not from a box or can.
Would you like to eat a healthier diet but think it's too time consuming, especially if cooking is involved? Consider an omelet.
Sherlock Zone sighed as he read the article in the Times. Kids' portions on most restaurant menus are unhealthy. Our food detective really wasn't surprised.
I consider myself to be pretty strong and can lift a significant amount of weight, which most women shy away from. I truly enjoy possessing this power, but alas, it doesn't help me when it comes to opening jars.