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Will the Zone Diet help Argentina win the 2014 World Cup in Soccer?

By Dr. Barry Sears

Coming back from my recent trip to Argentina, I was pleasantly surprised to find out that the head of Zone Diet Argentina (Dr. Alberto Mazzucchelli) was not only a top sports' medicine physician but also a top soccer coach in Argentina. One of his patients is Ariel Garce, a national team player. Not only did Dr. Mazzucchelli repair Ariel's damaged knee, but he also revitalized Ariel's career once Ariel started following the Zone Diet.

Prior my trip, I found out that another Argentina national team player (Carlos Tevez) was undergoing a similar dietary transformation under the guidance of Dr. Aronne Romano in Italy. Carlos had been playing with Manchester United and then traded to Manchester City. His new coach (Roberto Mancini) is a long-time Zone advocate. As soon as the season ended, he sent Carlos to work with Aronne to integrate the Zone Diet into his training. When Carlos returned to Manchester City this season, he had lost 15 pounds and began playing the best soccer of his life. I predict within the next few months, more of the Argentinean national team players will be picking up on the Zone Diet to prepare for the 2014 World Cup.

It doesn't take too many players on the Zone Diet to turn a national team around. It happened in 2006 when the three of oldest players (Marco Materazzi, Alex Del Piero, and Fabio Cannavaro) on the Italian national team adopted the Zone Diet and led their team to winning the World Cup that year. Maybe history will repeat itself in 2014 for Argentina.