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Your Monthly Newsletter for Life in the Zone — September 2012
Last week I completed a 10-day visit to Argentina and Chile, giving a number of seminars on the Zone Diet in both countries. With the support of our Zone partners in each country, significant progress was made in introducing the Zone Diet concept to their respective populations.
Coming back from my recent trip to Argentina, I was pleasantly surprised to find out that the head of Zone Diet Argentina (Dr. Alberto Mazzucchelli) was not only a top sports' medicine physician but also a top soccer coach in Argentina.
I was on my way to a friend's lake cottage in Denmark, Maine, when I passed a sign that said "Bean Supper" this Saturday.
Although Dave's story tells us how not to throw a bean supper, there are other kinds of beans that will keep you in the Zone. Here are some recipes from
As a kid, I was lucky enough to be able to run around freely outdoors in my neighborhood where I took full advantage of the many open spaces that surrounded my house to play and be active.
But what do you really eat? This is the universal question asked time and time again, both by my friends and by people who are new to the Zone way of life.