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Your Monthly Newsletter for Life in the Zone — October 2012
My invitation to be a speaker at the 32nd World Congress of Sports Medicine in Rome was only one stop along the way. Although my talk, "Omega-3 Fatty Acids in Athletic Performance," focused on the use of high-dose omega-3 fatty acids to treat concussion injuries...
Sue Knorr has given us some tasty Zone snacks made from autumn fruits. Here are some meals that feature apples.
Autumn has arrived with its clear skies, sun-warmed days and cooler nights. Colorful potted mum plants are appearing everywhere, and orange pumpkins dot the roadside fields.
"It's preposterous," Sherlock Zone exclaimed. Our intrepid food detective was utterly amazed at McDonald's announcement that the company would release nutritional information on all its menu items.
Is your health like that TV commercial? Are you as healthy as you were a few years ago? Have you gained weight? Have a chronic condition? On medications?
This year in many areas of the United States the weather reached record highs, thus making it too hot for all but the hardiest enthusiasts to brave the outdoors for a walk or a run.
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