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Help! I've fallen and I can't get up

By Dave Schreck

Is your health like that TV commercial? Are you as healthy as you were a few years ago? Have you gained weight? Have a chronic condition? On medications?

If you're struggling with your health, and you're not sure what to do, this article may give you hope. I say this after working with individuals who took control of their health with a drug that's more powerful than any medication, food! Yes, food is a drug that can alter the balance of eicosanoids (super hormones) that control all of the body's hormonal systems. They control virtually every vital physiological function from the cardiovascular system to the reproductive system. Bottom line, these hormones keep us alive and healthy, control our eicosanoids and control our health.

Let me tell you about two friends who met with Dr. Sears this summer and took control of their lives, turning adversity into health with the Zone program and omega-3s.

Kevin was overweight, recently diagnosed with diabetes, put on insulin, suffered from brain fog and brain seizures and was prescribed additional medications. John had elevated cholesterol, suffered a seizure and was placed on "the best" medications.

Their futures were full of more medications, procedures, and nasty side effects. Drugs usually treat the symptoms and not the cause. A far more promising approach is to go "upstream" to modify the balance of "good" and "bad" eicosanoids. This can only be achieved by an anti-inflammatory diet like the Zone. Today Kevin has lost more than 30 pounds, is off all his medications and believes that he now has control of his future health. John has lost more than 20 pounds, has made adjustments in his medications, is feeling excellent, has an improved attitude and is experiencing relief from the nasty side effects of his medications.

How was this accomplished? As Dr. Sears stated in his first book, "The Zone," "once you understand the power of the hormonal responses generated by the food you eat, you can no longer think of food simply as a source of calories for the body." Once you control insulin levels with the Zone (a therapeutic Zone, not too high and not too low), weight loss is achieved, blood lipids (cholesterol) and triglycerides come down, blood sugars and blood pressure can return to normal and the symptoms of chronic disease usually improve.

There is a synchronicity as to why I wrote this article and why you're reading it right now. You seek to improve your health or know of a loved one who could benefit from making a few simple dietary changes that may improve the quality of their lives.

We both know this is powerful information and how much you and your loved ones can benefit. Please email me your questions. With more than 15 years working with Dr. Sears, I have acquired the information to assist you on your journey to better health.

All the best!

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