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Your Monthly Newsletter for Life in the Zone — November 2012
Cravings got you down? My food cravings went away when I started following the Zone Diet. The change was so abrupt I couldn't believe it at first. I used to have cravings all day long, and suddenly I was satisfied 24/7.
It was the late '80s when John A. suggested I stop by his friend's laboratory 18 miles north of Boston. This biochemist had capsules that improved athletic performance and recovery, he said, and since I was participating in triathlons, it seemed like a good idea.
When friends asked our intrepid food detective, Sherlock Zone, to go with them to Tony Roma's, all he could think of was the restaurant's signature dish, ribs. Ribs aren't the best choice of protein. Add the sauces, and you have a ticket out of the Zone.
It is well publicized that exercise and meditation are both good for a balanced body and mind. Each can alleviate the effects of stress and increase self-esteem and feelings of well-being. However, each takes time and commitment for a person to fully experience their positive effects.
Obviously, turkey will probably be the protein choice during the holidays. But what about the sides? Zoners must say good-bye to stuffing and mashed potatoes. Here are some Zoneful sides. Prepare these, and the others won't be missed.