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Your Monthly Newsletter for Life in the Zone — December 2012
The holiday music and displays are everywhere, parking seems impossible, the crowds seem large, and the lines seem long. Holiday shopping is exhausting and sometimes seems hopeless.
People tend to throw in the towel on healthy eating around the holidays. For some it may start as early as Halloween with all the tempting candy around, but for many the feasting often starts around Thanksgiving and just carries through to the New Year.
Sweet potato casseroles, mashed potatoes, green bean casseroles laden with cream sauce and topped with onion crisps, and then there's squash, the winter varieties, baked, mashed, roasted in maple syrup, the possibilities are endless.
It is very tempting to use cold winter weather as a reason to stay inside and stay warm or to hide under extra layers of clothing and forget about fitness goals, at least until spring arrives.
What's your goal? Whether it's better athletic performance or improving your health by reducing the risk factors of chronic disease, the dietary concepts are basically the same: Control your blood sugar and insulin levels.
Sherlock Zone, our intrepid food detective, believes that a seafood restaurant is a good choice for people who want to stay in the Zone. By in large, it is, but diners have to take a few precautions.