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Inflammation Research Foundation

In 2003, Dr. Sears founded the Inflammation Research Foundation (IRF), a non-profit 501(c) foundation dedicated and committed to providing resources and grants for both education and medical research projects. With contributions coming primarily from Dr. Sears, the Inflammation Research Foundation funds short-term clinical research studies aimed at using new nutritional interventions to manage chronic diseases associated with inflammation. Since funding at the government level is highly limited, this is a resource that researchers can use to gather the preliminary data they need to get future funding at the government level. In addition, it affords researchers more latitude with the scope of the trials they choose to conduct. Dr. Sears surrounds himself by researchers whose expertise has much to offer the field of anti-inflammatory nutrition. These individuals among others comprise his Scientific Advisory Board. The peer-reviewed studies that follow come from Dr. Sears' years of personal research along with the contributions to the medical field from the Inflammation Research Foundation.


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