About Mary Perry

Mary E. Perry is a registered dietitian and researcher serving as Clinical Trials Director for Zone Labs Inc. and the Inflammation Research Foundation based in Marblehead, MA. Under the direction of Dr. Barry Sears - creator of the Zone Diet and leading authority on the dietary control of hormonal response - Perry oversees and analyzes clinical trials investigating the positive effects of anti-inflammatory diets, in conjunction with leading universities and institutions worldwide. Perry also counsels athletes and individuals on how to reduce inflammation through diet and supplementation. Prior to joining Zone Labs, Perry served as a research dietitian for Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston, MA. In her role, Perry coordinated a prescribed dietary study focused on varying carbohydrate, fat and protein contents to determine the most effective diet for weight loss and maintenance. Perry also served as a nutrition and behavior counselor utilizing motivational interviewing techniques. Perry completed her undergraduate (03') and graduate degree (05') at the University of Connecticut and now resides in the Boston area.