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Restaurant Reviews Sherlock Zone


Sherlock dines at TGIF

Several people have asked Sherlock Zone to take on TGI Friday's as a case. Every month our Sherlock helps people who are clueless about the menus at their favorite restaurant.


The appetizer offerings disappointed Sherlock. Most were of the fried, breaded variety. The salad selections were more to his liking, especially the Strawberry Fields Salad, which contains mixed greens, Parmesan cheese and pecans, tossed in balsamic vinaigrette dressing. He especially liked the balsamic marinated strawberries that top the salad. The salad was served chilled on toasted bread, which he left behind.


Most entrees come with either a salad or a cup of soup. Since he'd already had his salad, he went for the French onion soup.


A quick perusal of the entree selections, raised Sherlock's eyebrows. The words "hand-battered" and "fried crisp" appear several times. Also most entrees include some kind of pasta and what TGIF Friday's calls "our signature mashed potatoes."


But Sherlock Zone did not give up his search for a Zoneful meal. Just when he was about to order a Cobb Salad,

he spied two chicken entrees that he could work with. The first is a new offering called Garlic Chicken. It is two lightly sauted garlic marinated chicken breasts served with a mix of sauteed Roma tomatoes, red pepper and zucchini. For those who don't like garlic, there's a Sizzling Chicken and Cheese dish with again two marinated sauteed chicken breasts over onions and peppers with melted American cheese.


The dinners present two solvable problems. Two chicken breasts don't fit on the palm of one's hand, and both dinners come with "our signature mashed potatoes." Take one chicken breast home to enjoy for lunch the next day, and skip the potatoes. Ask for extra vegetables.


Another solution if you have a dining companion, is to order one of the chicken dishes and order the Roasted Vegetable Sandwich, which contains roasted red peppers and tomatoes, grilled zucchini, red onion and fresh mozzarella cheese. Split the two entrees and perhaps have one-half a slice of bread. You may also order the Chef's Vegetable Selection.


The kids' menu was disappointing - hamburger, cheese pizza, macaroni and cheese, hot dog, grilled cheese, chicken fingers and spaghetti. All are served with either fries or bread.


Although Sherlock found the menu at TGI Friday's rather limiting, he was able to gather enough clues to put together a Zone meal. Does the menu at your favorite restaurant leave you clueless? Let us know, and we'll send Sherlock Zone to investigate.