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Sherlock Zone visits Subway

With nearly 23,000 restaurants in 81 countries, we’re bound to pass by a Subway restaurant just about everywhere we go.


The restaurant claims to be presenting healthy food, so we asked Sherlock Zone to investigate whether or not these claims are true. He was happy to report that a Zoneful meal could be created at Subway, but he said the healthy menu put too much emphasis on lowering fat, not unfavorable carbohydrates. As most Zoners know, fat is not the enemy.


There are several soups, salads and low-carb wraps, however, that will keep us in the Zone.


Several soups were to his liking, including chili con carne (two blocks of protein, three blocks of carbohydrate and three blocks of fat), cream of broccoli (less than one block protein, two blocks of carbohydrate and two blocks of fat, golden broccoli and cheese (four blocks of fat, two blocks of carbohydrate and a scant one block of protein), and vegetable beef (a scant block of protein, two blocks of carbohydrate and no blocks of fat).


Subway is now offering low-carb wraps, which makes it easy to round off your Zone meal. Turkey breast is the best, featuring 31/2 blocks of protein, one block of protein and two blocks of fat.


There are also a number of salads, including grilled chicken, tuna and cheese, veggie delight and Subway club. All come with lettuce, spinach, onions, tomatoes, cucumber slices, green peppers, olives and carrots. There is a choice of dressing. Recommended is Kraft Fat Free Italian.


Since wherever we go we’ll find a Subway, it’s good that we can keep in the Zone when eating there.