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Restaurant Reviews Sherlock Zone


Sherlock samples Shells

Sherlock Zone joined the Snow Birds this winter in sunny Florida in his quest to escape his cold New England home for at least part of the winter. Wherever he traveled around the state, he saw Shells restaurants. Deciding to investigate, he dined there to see if it is easy to find a Zone meal. It is.


Several appetizers caught his eye, including steamed mussels sautéed with tomatoes and onions in a light seafood sauce. And, of course, the shrimp cocktail is always a good Zone choice. But what really made his eyes go pop was the U-Peel Shrimp, one-half pound of steamed shrimp, served hot or cold. That was enough delicious protein for Sherlock and his dining companion. They added a side order of vegetables, some home-made cole slaw and a bowl of mixed fruit, and they were squarely in the Zone.


On return visits, Sherlock enjoyed Carb Louie, greens piled high with crabmeat, tomatoes, cucumbers and shredded cheese. Other selections that turned out to be favorites included Premium King Crab, Grilled Shrimp and Sea Scallops, and the Lobster Tuesday special. There is also a Fresh-Fish-of-the-Day Special.


When visiting Shells, skip the fried fish and pasta items. There are still plenty of Zone-favorable selections.